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By Nina Shapiro. Also published by The Seattle Times. Men and women, at the Seattle Art Museum for an April event celebrating queer and transgender people of color, chatted over drinks. In some ways, it was very different from recent recruiting events in South Africa, set in poor townships, with far less talk of the LGBTQ community — although there are some surprising similarities. In both places, and elsewhere in Africa and the Americas, the Seattle-based network has helped start a clinical trial that infuses HIV-fighting antibodies through an IV drip. In Africa, where HIV is most prevalent among heterosexuals, women are particularly vulnerable.

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Does anyone else use this site? In my opinion, it has to be one of the most frustrating websites on earth. It seems like everyone on there is just on to play games and never actually do anything. I've connected with many guys since joining but a hookup has only come to fruition 4 times and the person never really looks like the photos they put on their profile. Even though this site infuriates me I still log-on out of habit. Ugh, how depressing It's great for finding trade. I can narrow it down by area, and have the hustler of my dreams at my door within the hour.

Love it! I have the same problem with Grindr. Never met a single hook up on there. Most of the guys don't even respond. I've had much better luck with Adam and back in the day Manhunt. My problem with Grindr is that I'm not actively looking, but I'd respond if an interesting person chatted me up. EVERY age from 19 to But all between 5'5" and 5'8". I'm kind of surprised that the dozen or so chats have all come from such a homogenous looking group. Sure, they're all ages, but they could all be brothers, they're so physically similar.

So maybe I'm a jerk for not responding to most of them. If they send more than "Hi" and their profile doesn't say "Looking to make you cum inside me" or anything grossly forward like that, I'll chat back. But that's been rare. It was almost a joke amongst my friends. I even worked up the courage to hit on a guy once, and he shot me down instantly with "Sorry, I only date older black men".

I offered to introduce him to everyone who hits on me I have a wide variety of types and tastes. And apparently only those outside those wide categories and varieties have any interest in me. Grindr is a waste of time - unless you're traveling and hot and, thus, new meat. Otherwise it's the same ol guys that are every where else, except for even more "happily partnered" guys.

I'm pretty quick to block the assholes, too. They were talking about Blendr, which is supposed to be the straight version of Grindr. It ended with the following observation:. They get hit on all the time, whereas guys are pretty much flakes when it comes to dealing with each other. I've never ever met a guy I've spoken to on Grindr because I know what it's about. I like looking at the eye candy and talking, but I couldn't take someone who spends all their time on it seriously I don't have it on my phone currently, and haven't in several months.

As far as hooking up goes, I've surprisingly had the best look in Craigslist's strictly platonic section. I've met 3 guys as friends and hooked up with them. OkCupid's pretty reliable too so far I'm 3 for 4. I hope there's a backlash and people abandon these apps in droves, and then clubs open up again. Clubs where you can chill out and talk to people. R11, not when there are gangs of young gaybees cackling in a circle, whilst loud horrible music plays. Nobody meets anyone now in these settings.

It's all about hanging with your friends and cackling. A4A is a bunch of. And no one has current pictures. Do guys think you won't notice. I've actually laughed and walked out on a guy 1 or the 3 that actually wanted to meet up. Swear the picture was 5 years old and 40 pounds lighter. Grindr is an even bigger waste of time.. Grindr is awesome. I meet cool dudes on there all the time for hookups, or just to chill and maybe smoke. I get some less than attractive guys hitting me up, but not too often.

For the most part I'm hooking up with 9s and 10s. I would never meet anyone from Adam4Adam. I assume everyone on there looking to hookup has STDs. It seems like so many people on there are out of control sexually, living promiscuous, non-selective sex lives. However, I do love all the attention and comments I get by having G-rated pics on the site. I just like the adoration, but there is no way I would meet the type of people that are on that site.

R19 do you have one of those cute couple profiles that says "Happily Partnered Are the people on Cam4Cam are all exhibitionists that are wanna be porn stars? What to those people that view themselves gain from that website? Are they they freaks? Do these people have trouble having a normal date life or the can't get anyone because they maybe nuts?

There was one manly guy on there who is gay and the guy is just beautiful. I was saying to myself, what the hell is that stud doing on there?! A4A has completely gone down the drain now that they've implemented this new "conversations" feature. It just really sucks and makes you appreciate that much more the perfectly simple and straightforward email system they'd had for years. I really think it's going to give a lot of guys who may have already been thinking of canceling their accounts the final push they needed to kick A4A to the curb like me.

As for the guys themselves, I agree that most of them are just there to play games and waste time, not make an actual connection with someone. I will never understand particularly the ones who constantly check out your profile you know it because they're always popping up in your tracks list , yet if you say hello to them, they completely ignore you. Granted, maybe they're just genuinely not interested but yet there they are, again and again, turning up on my tracks list.

Well, fuck, dude, if you're that intrigued that you have to constantly check out my profile, why don't you say something? Or why don't you answer when I say something to you? I never realized how many of the profiles on a4a are fake. Once you come to that conclusion a lot of the weirdness of the interaction on that site makes sense.

Well that and people are just weird. They have a lot of rules that they don't enforce like the ones pertaining to getting harassed, especially if you pay for a PRO ad. You can only reach their "customer service" by email. It's a Canadian-based company, so that figures. I've never understood how people can get suckered by someone who posts an old picture from when they were younger and thinner.

GAY dating site are what you make it, to me, it is all entertainment and fun. Men should not take these sites so serious! Money, good looks, or having something others want talent, drugs, again: A lot of profiles are fake - guys from asian or african countries - their pics give it away. They usually ask for my which I never give out. I have been a member of a4a for a number of years and I have met a lot of very, very nice guys there.

I guess all come to two main things, like in most on line dating for gay men, looks and age. I agree R23, I have guys who look at my profile on a daily basis, if not hourly, yet when I look at theirs it shows they have blocked me and I have never said one thing to them. I don't know if they just want to reassure that i'm still blocked so that's why they look at my profile, but it infuriates me and I wish it didn't.

It puzzles me that someone would block you for just looking at their profile, not saying hi or anything, but just viewing it. I know my level when it comes to guys, and who to approach and who not to, but still. If someone messages me and i'm not intersted I let them know or just keep it on a clean level as to not lead down that road and hurt feelings, but we are gay, so feelings will be hurt no matter what. I met my current FB on A4A and we see each other at least once a week for a hot session.

He is one of the hottest guys I've ever been with and the sex is pretty intense. Not to disappointed in the site anymore. A4A is the worst. Looks so cheap, and its interface and functionality are at least ten years out of date. MH has done a much better job of staying current and competing with the new apps. The owners of Adam4adam are too fucking cheap to upgrade there servers, The iphone app is the biggest POS online.

I really thought apple actually reviewed apps b4 putting them online.

Late night at work. I was really horny, and kept checking adam4adam to see if there was anyone there to give me some relief. Theres a lot of. Adam4adam Hookup Stories. Totally Free Dating Over 50! But all adam4adam hookup stories dating know how between

Dharun Ravi grew up in Plainsboro, New Jersey, in a large, modern house with wide expanses of wood flooring and a swimming pool out back. At the time of his high-school graduation, in , his parents bought space in the West Windsor and Plainsboro High School North yearbook. Keep up your good work.

Popular hookup app Grindr is reportedly considering a new feature that would alert users if may have been exposed to a sexually transmitted infection.

Adam4Adam is one of the largest gay hook up sites. Notice that I did not say dating site, just as all the other interactive sites today. Even Tinder, which is so obviously a hookup site, will hide their reality and name it a dating site.

My Frist Adam4Adam meeting...Wow!

Forgot your password? Late night at work. I was really horny, and kept checking adam4adam to see if there was anyone there to give me some relief. There's a lot of crap there, but every time I looked at the pics of those hot guys -- those really muscled guys with big, hard dicks with big mushroom heads -- I only got hornier. At around 6 pm, I got a message from this guy I had messaged before but who didn't respond that time, so I figured he wasn't interested. This time was different.

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I get it if you don't like the person, you re-lock. But I've gotten it from guys who I've continued interest with, and have met and dated. My neighbor sent me a message today, no joke. I was stunned. He's kind of cute, but a little young for me he's 27, I'm I would never meet someone on there. I would imagine they are promiscuous and have STDs. If someone is not selective and discriminating in their actions with you, why would you think they have been so with others? HOwever, it's a good site to gawk and look at people, but don't meet anyone from there.

Europe gay hookup app S.

The first day of Spring finally arrived. I had no work obligation, so I rang in the new season from the comfort of my bed watching TV. About 1:

Candidate opposing nondiscrimination law has Adam4Adam profile

Remember Me? Premium Memberships Advanced Search. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. So me and my bf have decided to mess around with other guys, and it has actually not been too much fun for either of us I haven't been on those hookup sites in several years and I forgot how many creeps are out there. Pushy guys, pictures of dicks especially stupid when your status is "bottom" etc. There's also a couple that I was really interested in who messaged ME first that aren't writing back now and haven't been online. What a bummer. What are your stories? I just downloaded Grindr today and I was just sharing two funny stories.

Recruiters for HIV Vaccine Network Hit Up Seattle Gay Bars, Hookup Sites

Mike is a teaching assistant in New York City, and to supplement his income, he has a second job: He sells drugs. The rise of gay dating sites in the s, such as early entrants Manhunt and Adam4Adam, provided gay men with new ways to connect. But over time, digital platforms geared toward LGBTQ men have also created a more convenient way for gay and bi men — a population that disproportionately uses illicit substances due to social stigma, discrimination and other minority stressors — to find drugs, and for drug dealers to find them. However, those who use the app say it is still home to a robust market for illicit substances. Grindr users discreetly reference crystal meth by putting a diamond emoji in their profile, and snowflake emojis are used to get the attention of those looking to purchase cocaine.

The death of Moore, 26, was caused by methamphetamine, an illegal drug, according to the L. He also said that he resisted pressure from Buck to use drugs that Buck owned. She provided those images to WEHOville, several of which are published with this article. Information about the Sept. The original L. Nixon asked the L.

The original survivors: The graphic porn advertisements who else would want their brand plastered to the site? Likelihood it will get you laid: It almost goes without saying, but there are some salty characters haunting A4A. Be skeptical and a lways second guess. Also the mobile version will frustrate you. Bigger is most definitely better with this set.

Brent Randall Photo: Brent Randall, via Facebook. Brent Randall, a candidate for the Goshen City Council for the District 5 seat, confirmed to The Goshen News that an Adam4Adam profile page containing his photos and personal information belonged to him. When asked about his profile page, Randall said: I do check it.

My Frist time it was back when AOL frist came out. I was in a miami chatroom and I met a tranylicous. We Started to chat. I remember going to the profile on the side of the message window and I found out throu pics what a tranny was. So enjoy with me as I relive them. I manage a store in the town I live in.

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