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So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and share your passion with others! Useful Links: You can read the announcement and access links to the revised policies here. We have added a small update to the Terms of Use. You can read the announcement with details here. Adverts Friends. Hi, Recently turned 37 and as title says I'm single and its starting to bother me.

However more and more over the last couple of years its been dawning on me that I don't want this lifestyle anymore and to be honest over the last 6 months I've been sitting in more and more at weekends on my own. I am sick of going out on a bender the whole time. Maybe I'm just moaning or being unimaginative, but I really feel my chances of meeting anyone now are very limited. As you can imagine most of my mates are married now with kids etc. When they manage to go out all they want to go down the local which consists of a bar full of men watching horse racing etc.

Very little potential there for me. As I write two of my mates are in the pub and have been all day. It doesn't appeal as it just ends up in the same routine everytime i. However if sit in I've no chance of meeting anyone etc. I do have a decent life, good job, house, health and close family. I am busy during the week working and going to the gym.

I know there are plenty worse off than me. I have mostly been single up to now and I suppose I have got on fine. There have been plenty of one night stands along the way. However now I need something more and someone to share things with etc. I just don't really know how to go about it. I want to get off the cyle of drunken weekends in clubs in pubs. Plus I have had a look at dating websites and they dont really appeal.

I would appreciate any advice you can offer. Hello OP Why don't you give the online dating a go? It's worth a try. I know a few people who have tried this and at least you'll get a few dates out of it and maybe you'll meet some new friends. Thanks from: Hi OP,could have written your exact post from a female point of view. As mentioned in a previous post there is a huge on line dating network out there,I can't advice from personal experience but some of my friends have tried it with various results, but apparently if you're going to go down that road,it's best to use one of the fee paying sites!!

How about going to places like salsa lessons or anyplace there are a lot of women typically. You won't get out of your rut until you do. If you are interested in sports, learning a language, taking up a class of some sort, join a club and try to meet people there. If you become friendlier in your every day life you could open up your world to others. You go to the gym, so maybe start small talk with women you like there.

Build up your confidence, like. I also know a few lads who have started unisex bootcamp things, where the number of women are higher than that of men. It would be a good place to meet women who like to keep fit, like you. AckwelFoley , nowyouresix. Originally Posted by lraFK. I'm 37 too and single, at the moment I feel not in a rush to meet anyone I've had relationships with women some lasting from few months to couple years but I don't want to settle down just yet, I do believe I'll meet someone some day.

Find More Posts by mtjm. Hi Op here, Thanks for the responses. Maybe I will give the online dating a shot. Bit worried about posting photos though. Also I have previously thought about volunteering. I'll look in to that too. But to be honest, I think it will difficult to interact socially without booze - been using it as a scoial lubricant for 19 years.

Although I work all day with people and interact in the gym etc so should be no problem with a bit of practice I hope. Hi OP, I understand where you are coming from. The pub scene is hard place to meet anyone. All my friends are loved up aswell. My exposure to meeting new people can be limited. Maybe try joining a group or is there any social scene at the gym. I do all these things for myself and if something comes along happy days. Just got to kepp trying I suppose. I'm unsure of dating sites.

I dont fancy putting photos up. I'm weary of not knowing who you are talking too on the sites. Face to face contact you can determine alot. Sure you never know until you try eh!! Goodluck with it hope it works out. I've joined a couple of dating sites, free ones, as the thought of paying to meeting someone doesn't sit right with me! But maybe I need to take the advice above and pay for a decent dating site Anyways, I recently forced myself to do more than just join and exchange a msg and stop.

I had my first date during the week!!! Very proud of myself for making it happen. Did I learn from it?? I most certainly did. I learned that I need to form some sort of chemistry and have much more conversation before meeting to have a better feel if you have things in common. I just dived it with this one and I was gobsmacked. He looked nothing like the photo. I could elaborate but I don't want to be mean, as soon as he said hello I thought "oh f But I'm glad I learned something from it I look back now and laugh and I'm ready to do it again, one down, 39 to go Good luck, who knows we could be arranging to meet eachother on one of the dating sites lol See you soon ;o I've the giggles here.

Post deleted. People post in this forum for advice. Can posters respect that and stick to offering constructive advice as per the purpose of this forum and leave the propositions for a more appropriate platform please. Many thanks. As per site policy, if you have an issue with any moderator instruction or request please contact a relevant moderator via PM - DO NOT drag the thread further off-topic by responding on-thread.

Hey i am a 29yr old female happily married to an 39yr male and guess what we met on meeting point an online dating site but our cover story is we met at an confernece we both in sam eline of work. My reason for posting our story is that everyone has there own views on internet dating and think there is only freaks on it but i can tell you myself and my husband are both professionals with good wages and just had got sick of the drinking scene was hubbie was exact same as you when he joined.

Hi Op I am in a similar situation like yourself - that is most friends are married and my weekends are mostly spent staying in. I am involved in a few activities but these are mostly populated by women so I would really suggest you join something like that as the male to female ratio is in your favour and you get to know the person in real life. Some of the really fun stuff I have done in the past has been acting classes and writing.

That may not be your scene but if you check out Meetup clubs in dublin there should be something that you will like. I am considering on doing some dance classes next. Mind you I think though most of these things go on during the week and like you my week days are busy, it is the weekends that are quiet and often lonely. Try some sort of new activity or maybe give online dating or something a shot.

I find it best not to reply to guys at all if im not interested. There was Just wondering if we are discussing Irish issues or are they just typical dating site issues. Few of my mates have been on them a good while,have a reasonable strike rate Don't bother, and I speak from experience with dating sites.

The harsh reality is that traders hoards. They smell like an old ash tray, and above all, are the most arrogant men on the planet most of the time. So does the money they potentially earn supersede these disturbing truths. Perhaps these girls don t care about conversational ability as pound signs blur their money-eyed vision. Then again, admittedly, traders do have their lure.

This figure has remained relatively static for the last year. Once a quarter, Ipsos MRBI contacts 1, people aged 15 and over by telephone to discuss their social networking habits.

Granted, procrastination is not the only reason why people allow themselves to pass quietly through life all the while nursing a nagging urge to share themselves with a significant other. God forbid we should decide we want something and then take the requisite steps to do our best to get it.

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It's very Irish to be ashamed if you don’t stumble upon love by some act of serendipity

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So over Tinder? Shake up your dating life with the newest dating apps on the market - the good news is they're not all about one-night stands and over-filtered selfies. When was the last time you struck up a conversation with a complete stranger at a bar, snared a boyfriend through a blind date or had a fling with some guy you met at a random concert? If the answer is not lately, it's no surprise. Everyone knows that the dating scene is online - unless you're willing to televise your quest for love and sign up for the second series of First Dates, in which case, bravo. Whether you've been on online dates or have resigned yourself to the fact that you'll most likely die alone or worse, are considering allowing your mum to play matchmaker because Tom from next door seems like husband material , in , finding that perfect match is an art form. If you're tired of swiping right and ending up with another creep, Tinder isn't the only dating app out there, there's a huge variety of apps to choose from. Dating may be tricky but most mobile apps operate the same way.

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