Can you hook up slingbox wirelessly

Can you hook up slingbox wirelessly

For the best quality signal, we strongly recommend a wired connection from your Slingbox to your home router. However, if your router wireless or not is not in the same room as your video source, you need a way to connect your Slingbox to your home network. Essentially, Homeplug adapters or any powerline adapter product use your home's electrical wiring as one big network cable There is no effect on any aspect of your power service or your electric bill. For optimal performance, it is strongly recommended that you connect your Homeplug adapter directly to a wall outlet. Do not connect them to a power strip or extension cord.

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Email Address. Please note: This unit may ship separately from a different warehouse and could take up to 2 business days before it ships. Email me when back in stock. The subscription-free Slingbox from Sling Media allows you to enjoy all of your live and recorded high-definition programming in up to p resolution from your antenna, cable or satellite service from anywhere in the world on any Internet-connected device.

With the on-screen remote control and program guide, you can change channels, schedule recordings on your DVR, fast forward, rewind, pause and play. The Slingbox supports component, composite and HDMI video inputs which will display your content with crystal clear digital or HD picture quality. Slingbox features wireless connection to your home network. You can connect your Slingbox to thousands of compatible standard-definition SD or high-definition HD sources, including digital video recorders DVRs , digital cable set-top boxes and satellite receivers.

Slingbox Video. What is Slingbox? Wireless N Dual Band. How do I set up my Slingbox ? Connect the Slingbox to your set-top box or DVR with the included cables Connect the Slingbox to your network router Set up your Slingbox at www. Need additional support? Be the first to know. Stay informed with new product information, promotions and exclusive content. Congrats, you're in the loop! Constant Contact Use.

Email Address Submit. Channel Master. Contact Us. All Rights Reserved. Slingbox Technical Specifications.

Do you want to connect to a different Wi-Fi network on your Slingbox , or to switch to a Here are step-by-step instructions using the onscreen TV setup. Two methods to set up a Slingbox with an Apple AirPort Express and connect it to your wireless network. The Apple AirPort Express can work with a Slingbox.

Your Slingbox needs to connect to your home network. That's so it can bridge the divide between your home TV and the Internet. There are different ways to do this. And - as always - there are ways to do it that are good, there are ways that are better, and there are ways that are best. Let's start with the best way.

Two ways to set up your Slingbox Did you know that there are two ways that you can set up or reconfigure your Slingbox ? The only thing that you cannot do using a computer is set up the Wi-Fi connection for your Slingbox.

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My Slingbox Would Not Work On My New Router

The Slingbox serves one overall purpose: To give you access to your television and recordings no matter where you are as long as you have an internet connection. This means you can watch TV if you are in your backyard enjoying the freshly cut lawn. You can access any part of the live NFL game if you are stuck in the office late on a Monday night. You can even catch up on the newest zombie show if you are stuck on a long flight over the country.

How Slingbox Works

After you physically hook up your Slingbox, finish the configuration of the Slingbox by pointing your web browser to Slingbox. For all other Slingbox models, including the Slingbox M2, you'll use a web browser to go to watch. You don't need to leave your TV on to watch your Slingbox. You also don't need to leave your computer on. If your Slingbox is connected to your TV, you can use either your TV or your computer to set up your Slingbox Check out our SlingPlayer product page linked below to see which version of the SlingPlayer software is best for your device, and where to purchase it! My Cart. Find a Slingbox Retailer. Sign up for our newsletter!

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Connecting BlueSky to Slingbox

I just upgraded my 4k uhd television in my family room with all the wireless hdmi genie receivers from directv. Problem i have is my slingbox keeps showing the message "Your TV does not support this program's content protection. I have read some blogs regarding this saying to use an hdmi splitter, but problem is the genie does not have component and the slingbox does not have hdmi? Anyone else know how to bypass this problem? Get a powered HDMI splitter. Then connect your Slingbox to the DirecTV receiver using component cables. Thanks but I cannot do this for the direct tv genie does not have composite. Just 10 prong. After going to fry's and asking them, they said I need a hdmi splitter that has hdmi to hdmi with an additional hdmi to component. Only problem is I can only find one that is on back order until the end of the year.

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I have recently changed to DirecTV from cable. My previous cable box had HDMI and component connections on the back. I have a Genie Mini set up in another room which is where I want to connect my Slingbox and the mini does not have component outputs. I have a 10 pin connector with component cord connected. I can get sound but no video.

Slingbox PRO-HD: Initial Setup

Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. The Slingbox is the only way to take your living room TV experience with you wherever you go. Many companies say they can give you TV Anywhere, but make sure you read fine print — some don't work unless you are on Wi-Fi, while others only have small number of channels when you leave your house. And most of them don't work if you travel internationally. Only Slingbox gives you control of all of your channels and all your shows, live or recorded on your DVR, plus On Demand, anywhere there is an Internet connection. Like you, we love being able to sit down and catch up on shows we've missed on Amazon Instant, Netflix or Hulu. But sometimes, shows demand to be watched live — and only Slingbox give you all your live TV anywhere, anytime.

Technical Details

Sling Media on Tuesday announced an update to its Slingbox line of devices and apps, including a new entry-level Slingbox. Slingbox, for those that have never heard of it, is the original "TV Everywhere" device. See also: The newest member of the Sling family is the Slingbox M1. Not only is the Slingbox M1 smaller and faster than the Slingbox , it also comes with integrated WiFi and Ethernet. If the cable or satellite box you connect to the Slingbox M1 has a built-in DVR, you can access the DVR and playback or schedule recordings remotely as well. The SlingTV is the same hardware as the Slingbox , but it has received a significant software update. The new software overlays a new on-screen TV guide on-top of the interface.

Let's say we're going to Sling our digital cable signal to our computer. That means our video source is the digital cable box. Here's what our overall configuration is going to look like:. Setting up the Slingbox hardware is easy. Let's take the Classic Slingbox as an example. The first step is to connect the cable box to the Slingbox using an available video output on the cable box.

Mobile apps cost extra. Slingbox and connected HDTV can only watch one channel at a time between them. Lacks HDMI connectivity. If you want to watch live TV on your mobile devices, the Slingbox M1 is the most affordable place-shifting device yet, even if you need to pay extra for the apps. Watching live television on your mobile devices should be a no-brainer feature by now, but it's still a limited and often complicated endeavor. Another option is to use a physical place-shifting device like Sling Media's Slingbox which uses the same technology that powers the aforementioned Hopper with Sling.

Slingbox 350 Setup
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