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Engage for Salesforce is a Salesforce application available from the AppExchange integrating the leading advocacy and grassroots technology, Engage, with Salesforce, the leader in CRM. Leverage your Engage and Salesforce data using Engage for Salesforce to:. Once installed, Engage for Salesforce will synchronize user data, elected officials data, and activity data from the date of activation forward. Any new activity on your Engage site, or updates made to your Salesforce records, will be appropriately synchronized following activation.

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Engage for Salesforce is a Salesforce application available from the AppExchange integrating the leading advocacy and grassroots technology, Engage, with Salesforce, the leader in CRM. Leverage your Engage and Salesforce data using Engage for Salesforce to:. Once installed, Engage for Salesforce will synchronize user data, elected officials data, and activity data from the date of activation forward. Any new activity on your Engage site, or updates made to your Salesforce records, will be appropriately synchronized following activation.

If you require service support to provision and install the application, CQ Roll Call will refer you to a trusted service provider. Please contact us for additional information. Engage for Salesforce makes updates to your Salesforce instance. Updates that occur after October, 29 will only impact clients on base package 1. If there any validation rules, triggers either set up by your administrators or by any third party applications etc. These conflicts can cause the sync to fail.

View best practices for a successful sync here. Your Engage Account Executive should provide you with login information for your Engage site, as well as an initial username and password for the Connect Application. If you need to create an alternate username and password, you can do from your Engage site via "Connect Applications" under the Sites drop down. You may be asked to log into the destination Salesforce Organization during this process. If you are not, append the URL, as needed.

Read and agree to the terms and conditions. These are the web-based services to which Salesforce connects to access Engage data. Once the installation is complete, you will be redirected to view all installed packages. The optional Extension Package syncs Engage Activities. If you do not have Campaigns, there is no need to install the Extension package. Please continue to configure your Base package.

In order for Engage Activities e. Write a Letter, Make a Call, etc. Configure Your Credentials: Base Package. This will configure credentials for the base package, to allow syncing of contact and advocate records and elected officials. Be sure to save your changes. These are not the same credentials as your Engage Admin access username and password.

If Person Accounts is enabled in your organization, and you would like to sync your Engage advocates to your Salesforce Person Account records, select the Person Account Support checkbox. For more information on Engage for Salesforce Person Account support, click here. You can also use this configuration area to set the Engage Person Batch Size. The minimum batch size is 1. Important Note: Updates made to Salesforce contacts or Engage advocates prior to installing the application will not be synced.

Once the application is installed and configured, you may want to run an update on your Salesforce contacts or Engage advocates so that the Last Update timestamp on the record triggers a sync. Extension Package. Navigate to the Campaign Configuration tab and enter the Password associated with your Connect Application. Your Username and Endpoint will already be pre-filled. Activity data created in Engage prior to installing the application will not sync to Salesforce.

Only activity created after the installation will sync to your Salesforce org. This page configures how the data between the two systems will flow. Use the Engage to Salesforce Sync Flow and the Salesforce to Engage Sync Flow check boxes to activate or deactivate synchronization in that particular direction. The name and email are the matching criteria between Engage and Salesforce.

For more on field mapping see Engage to Salesforce and Salesforce to Engage sync options. If you do not want all of you records to continuously sync, come back to the page at any time to turn off the sync and stop the data flow. To create a quick test, create and advocate record in Engage or in Salesforce, and check to see if the record was created and looks accurate. For additional testing detail, there is more information in the Testing the Sync section.

Click Here for additional information. The Engage app by default will not sync blank values on to Contact record from Engage Advocate. For example, if the Address field is made blank on an Engage Advocate record which is already synced to a Salesforce Contact, this update will not be carried over to Salesforce by the connector. Once the final customization is complete, there are a number of tests you can run to validate the sync.

This causes the system to synchronize once and then turn itself off, providing an opportunity to add or edit records in each system on an ad-hoc basis. The status of the most recent batches, along with a quick view of activity throughout the current day. Salesforce customizations and configurations may interfere with the Engage data sync to the Salesforce Contact and Campaign objects. Validation rules, triggers and record types on these objects can cause data sync failures.

The fields involved in these syncs are detailed in the tables below for reference. If you have a robust number of Engage records or Salesforce records you will be syncing from one solution to the other, we recommend validating the data is clean, before syncing. If you are confident in the integrity of the data, this is not a required step. It is possible to install the application first, and then auto-sync the data. We recommend following the optional guidelines only if you are concerned about the integrity of the data.

CQ Roll Call does not specifically endorse any of these products. In addition CQ Roll Call cannot support data management efforts on behalf of the client. For clients who wish to export data from Salesforce into Engage as the first step in the integration. Whether this is to add data to Engage from Salesforce or establish an external ID link between Engage and Salesforce, the same process applies.

T his is not required. This process can be completed after integration, which is recommended unless you have concerns about data integrity. To upload records from Salesforce to Engage, you must first export a file from Salesforce, formatted as a CSV comma separated value document and verify it contains the necessary Advocate fields. You will be prompted to upload this file when you select the Upload Advocate option in Engage. Your file must have a. If you are using a tool like Excel, make sure to save your document as type.

They can be in any order in the CSV file, but columns headers used for file upload must exactly match the names as listed below including all spaces, case sensitivity, etc. If the format does not match, the upload will fail. Select the following query fields from the Contact object: Once you have created your CSV file, you are ready to upload your file:. Email Notification: Enter the email address of the person to whom the status confirmation email should be sent once the upload has completed processing.

After uploading your file, a status confirmation email will be sent. If the email indicates that the upload was processed successfully, then all the Advocates were saved to the database. The matching strategy for Salesforce Contact and Engage Advocate records is illustrated below in the order in which they appear. Contacts synchronized between the systems will be matched on the following criteria in the order shown:.

When an Engagement is created in Engage it will be automatically be created in Salesforce as a Campaign. This is a one-way synchronization from Engage to Salesforce. This Campaign may then be left as is, meaning a top-level Campaign, or assigned to a parent Campaign. Should the Engagement be edited, those changes will be reflected in Salesforce. However, there is no automated deletion of an Engagement in Salesforce.

Name, Email, Phone: If selected, the corresponding fields from Engage will be synchronized to Salesforce. Only one of the following Salesforce addresses can be selected to sync to the Engage Primary Address:. Optional App Fields on the Salesforce Record. Field Label: E ngage Never Sync to Engage. In Engage, the global opt-out flag may be set on an Advocate record. The value will be synchronized to Engage if it is changed.

While Engage for Salesforce shares this information to Salesforce by an Engage for Salesforce application-specific field on the Contact record, it will need to be integrated into client systems e. Access to entity 'Campaign' denied: Entity is not api accessible: In order to access Campaigns in Salesforce, the logged in user should have the "Marketing User" checkbox set to true in the User record. One Advocates were failed in Salesforce from Engage: An Engage advocate failed to sync from Engage to Salesforce.

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All Rights Reserved". CopyOptions Options object used for copy CopyOptions. Copies the given page to the new destination and automatically saves the modifications.

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The CQ-Forms Manager solution can be divided into two components:

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Logs Received: Online certificates are available for and later. Use the search to find your call in the database. Then click on the [Cert] link to view the certificate in pdf format. The Log Check page allows you to upload your log and check its formatting. Once all errors are corrected you can have it send your log directly to the robot. You can then have it send your log directly to the robot. Nothing could be easier for submitting log files from your general purpose logger! Log checking reports are provided online for all entrants. Notification is by email. If you did not receive yours, please contact director cqwpx. Have questions about the rules and what they mean?

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Payment is due in full within thirty 30 days of invoice date. Orders to be fulfilled in the jurisdictions listed above shall be charged sales tax. Any and all Software provided to Client is provided by license only and such license is personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited to the right to use such Software during the term of, and in accordance with, this Agreement. Notwithstanding the preceding sentence, each licensed user listed as such on the Order Form may: The terms in this Agreement are confidential and shall not be shared in any way with third parties unless required by law. CQRC reserves the right to decline to store certain categories of data such as Social Security numbers, personal medical information, financial information and any information CQRC is prohibited from storing under law. CQRC shall maintain the Client Data in confidence and shall not disclose it to any third party except as required in connection with the performance of a Service for the benefit of Client under this Agreement, and in such circumstances shall ensure that any third party to whom disclosure is made is bound by obligations of confidentiality.

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We are excited to announce that we will be hosting three regional CQ Summits in The summit will be offered during three different weeks globally, along with all three of our certification programs: The summit is offered in 3 locations around the world during a week-long program that also offers all 3 certifications. Download the Summit Brochure for more information. Plan to join us for one or all of the programs offered during the summit weeks at the following cost structure:.

Even neighbours who seem similar on the surface have their own subtle cultural differences. Every Antipodean knows that while Australia and New Zealand are close cousins, they have different personalities — and that comes out in the way they approach business. The same is true for neighbouring countries in other regions. Listening and building relationships at the outset can save many a faux pas. It might be necessary to plan more face-to-face meetings, because in-person attendance carries far more social and cultural weight than written or remote communication. In some countries, segmenting marketing campaigns for different audiences might be vital due to the way decision-making hierarchies are structured. Accommodating different daily rhythms and customs also shows respect and forms a great foundation for a co-operative approach with local industry partners.

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