Dating kelly axe

Dating kelly axe

There are two other articles on this web site related to companies that may provide additional information. They are. The information included in this article has been obtained from a wide variety of sources including but not limited to City Directories from Louisville, KY. Public Library, information printed in company catalogs and some resources available on the Internet.

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There are two other articles on this web site related to companies that may provide additional information. They are. The information included in this article has been obtained from a wide variety of sources including but not limited to City Directories from Louisville, KY. Public Library, information printed in company catalogs and some resources available on the Internet. The illustrations have all been drawn by the author with the inclusion of one photograph as noted.

As of this posting a significant number of individuals have contributed information to this overall project appearing as Yesteryears Tools. Some have provided a considerable amount of information while others have provided bits and pieces. They are all considered important but it is impractical to include a list of contributors with every article.

A complete list of contributors to this overall project will be published in the Credits Section. Additional names will be added as circumstances warrant. Representations of some of the head styles and markings used by the Kelly Axe Mfg. They used the similar name after they acquired the Kelly Axe Mfg. Unless otherwise noted, the images depicted are representations of etched designs or facsimiles of labels used by the Kelly Axe Mfg.

In many cases the company location is included on the label which helps to determine the timeframe when used. Many brands were used while the company was operating in each location and some were even used by the company successors. The exact sequence in which brands were introduced is not known so no conclusions should be drawn from the sequence in which the illustrations are presented. NOTE 2: NOTE 1: These rather simple Hand Made markings were used on axes made in all three locations.

The Cross Cut marking is not as common. The style of the letters changed over the years and became more refined. The PERFECT brand was used on axes made at each location, sometimes alone, sometimes with supplemental markings on the opposite face and sometimes in conjunction with a wholesale distributor. Eventually stampings were introduced and became more simplified as the years went by. All the designs were etched with some filled with bronzing colors and others appearing as the natural metal color of the axe heads.

Kelly was quite interested in. The etching design above left was registered as. Photo of original label by T. The early paper labels were embossed and included considerable detail. Later labels were simplified and flat. The graphic at the right was included as part of Trademark. Co when they were located in Alexandria, IN.

The outside shapes also varied considerably, as did the color combinations. The Kelly Axe Mfg. Considering the lack of more than one reference it may suggest that goods so labeled were possibly supplied to distributors without any warrantee. The two labels on the left are believed to have been used in the s. KELLY in the flag. Others included the name of a distributor. The label at the right was produced with some lettering embossed. Axes made by the Kelly Axe Mfg. Facsimiles of Kelly Axe Mfg.

William Kelly was born in Pittsburgh, Pa. He studied metallurgy at the Western University of Pennsylvania and initially became involved in making engines. He is reputed to have made a water wheel capable of providing some type of propulsion as well as a rotary steam engine. That apparently tied in with his interests in steamboats, an enterprise he also became involved in. In the early s he had also entered into the dry goods business with his brother John and his brother-in-law, a man named McShane.

He may have just been an investor in that business. The commission business facilities were destroyed by fire in Sometime around late or early William and his brother John relocated to Eddyville, Kentucky. It was there that William married Mildred Gracy of Eddyville and they started a family. Some of the items the business produced were kettles for processing sugar and pig iron blooms that were supplied to other manufacturers as a basic material for further processing.

Within a short period of time the Kelly brothers discovered there was an insufficient local supply of charcoal readily available, which in turn increased the costs of purifying the pig iron. That discovery, along with his education in metallurgy, led William to start conducting experiments in refining iron and developing more efficient foundry and forging methods. Apparently Kelly was not the only one conducting similar experiments around that time.

Although he later proved he was the first to discover the process of sending blasts of air through molten iron, the initial credit for discovering the process went to Henry Bessemer of England. That was in but he never profited to the degree that the Bessemer Converter profited. In William got involved with a syndicate that organized a corporation for controlling Kelly's patents but indications are Kelly was not overly involved in the actual business.

Instead he concentrated his efforts on another business, the manufacture of steel. City and Business Directory listings of the s indicate that William C. Kelly was located in Louisville, Kentucky and that he was in the steel business in At that time William C. Kelly is listed in conjunction with the word "steelworks" with no mention of any other specialty or any address.

Indications are that William C. In the Louisville City Directory indicates that W. Kelly was located at Portland Street and that he was a "Mfg. Kelly later moved to W. Main with the same reference; Mfg. Records indicate that William Kelly died on February 11, Kelly of Louisville, Kentucky. One would expect that the patents in question may have been issued to the executor of William Kelly's estate or some other appointee considering William Kelly had already died, but in reality the patents were issued to one of Kelly's sons, named William C.

William Kelly, the father, had sired a number of children and his second son, born December 1, , was also named William C. By James P. Kelly, the third son of William C. The company by then was listed as being a manufacturer of axes and hatchets. It is believed that James became the general manager of the business in That would coincide with the year his father William C.

Kelly died. Interestingly, W. Kelly had been issued a patent on September 29, for an "AX" pattern. The patent was issued as No. Some subsequent advertising printed in publications in the s included the date on axes and apparently some axes also included the date. However, the vast majority of advertising and markings on actual Perfect Axes included two dates and possibly applied to patents by both William C.

Kelly and James P. Kelly who were brothers involved in the Kelly Axe Mfg. It was No. The earliest markings include only the date May 7, The date is believed to have referred to Patent No. It could also have applied to a patent issued the same day to James P. Kelly that was designated as Patent No. The other marks have May 7, along with September 23, The second date is incorrect as it is not a Tuesday and by that time US patents were only issued on Tuesdays.

That practice had been in effect since More information on Kelly and the Perfect Axe is included in the booklet on Kelly offered on the Home Page of this website. In the company built a factory in Alexandria, Indiana and in all the operations relocated to that city. One of the major reasons for relocating was the supposedly abundant supply of natural gas. The management had such faith in the continuance of the company that they even relocated most of their experienced work force to Alexandria.

They soon to learned that the information related to the supply of natural gas was erroneous. The company remained in Alexandria until when they again relocated; that time to Charleston, West Virginia. Part of the justification for the move was a more promising supply of natural gas which had become the company's major fuel used in the axe making factories. As mentioned, it was discovered that the reserves thought to be available in Alexandria were insufficient for their long range purposes.

The name Kelly Axe & Tool Co. was another name for the Kelly Axe Mfg. Co. . Some REGISTERED markings included a date, The shield etching was used on. - Kelly now uses the official name of Kelly Axe and Tool Works. It has various dates on it, including the on the back, but I have no.

John E. Tarrant, of Louisville, Ky. George Poffenbarger, of Charleston, W. Robert S. Spilman, of Charleston, W.

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Kelly woodsman Paul Criss with a W. Kelly Perfect Axe, circa

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It is a lengthy post full of very valuable information. This company is very difficult, with all the organization changes, moves, people involved, long time line, etc. So if someones sees something incorrect, please bring it up so we can get some verification and go from there. The more info the better. So Kelly Axe has a long winding history thru the axe years. It appears and depending on what you read in books, online, catalogs, etc it will vary, trust me that the Kelly Axe got started in the mid s - pretty much in line with our other main companies we have talked about. Again, depending on your reference, this will vary.

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