Dating police officer tips

Dating police officer tips

Jump to navigation. We function differently to other dating sites, in that rather than present members with a range of singles with any background or intentions, we have built a community of educated, aspirational singles looking for committed relationships. Our membership is comprised of singles engaged in a huge range of professions, including policing! Therefore, EliteSingles is a fantastic choice for those singles who hope to begin dating an officer of the law. It's not just policing, either:

Tips on Dating a Police Officer

And this is why being in a relationship with cops involves something more than fun and romance. So if you are dating a cop or hope to, here are a few things to keep in mind so that your relationship is mutually fulfilling and supportive. First the good bit Law enforcement officials are trusted with perhaps one of the most important jobs of the civilized world — keeping the neighborhood and society safe.

Thus it is a matter of great pride to be dating a cop. And when you think of the fantasies which have to do with a badge-flashing and cuff-wielding moves, dating a cop can get even more exciting. Be flexible And yet the very nature of the job which makes law enforcement an object of public respect also makes it difficult and unpredictable.

Cops have to be ready to take on a suspect anytime and anyplace. Also on occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving and Fourth of July which couples usually spend together, it may not be possible for your partner to be with you. All this is part of the job which has no water-tight boundaries on job responsibilities and schedules. Be strong mentally One of your premium survival skills when dating a cop would be your mental strength.

It is no secret that cops have to deal with some of the most dangerous people on a daily basis. This together with the fact that guns, knives and bombs are some of the most common things they handle everyday is enough to make any other professional go white with fear. And yet if you seriously want to date a cop, you have to develop a tough skin. It is natural for you to be worried when you date a cop, but dwelling on that alone is not going to change anything that is going to happen on duty. Be independent Since you cannot depend upon your partner to give you company on all evenings, you need to be responsible for your own socializing.

Better still develop a few interests which will help you to fill time when your partner is away on duty. In fact it is even more important for you to become self-dependent if you are planning to live with your cop partner. So if you are the kind who relies on somebody else to run a home, be careful of settling down with a policeman or policewoman. While this is normal, be prepared for times when your partner may be worried about a case and is likely to tune out even while you are talking.

At the same time though let your partner know that you are there for them should they need your support for some reason. It could be very difficult to be able to talk about certain topics for your partner , so on the few occasions when they do open up be there to listen to everything they have to say. Be open to socializing with others Cops often form strong bonds with co-workers or work partners because their lives depend upon effective teamwork.

And an important way to nurture this bonding is to socialize with other cop families. If you are seriously interested in settling down with your partner, you may even have to do volunteer work for police family welfare associations and other such non-profit causes. Skip to main content. Main menu Home. You are here Home. Dating by Profession. Log in to post comments Printer-friendly version. Join us Careers Get in touch Write for us.

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If you want to date a police officer, you must understand and respect the dangers You can meet single police officers through online dating websites, at local. Tips. Always have open and honest communication with police. Dating a cop can have its benefits as well as drawbacks. he will be sought out for advice by young boys, and he will love you just as much as.

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Police officers have an extremely tough job that may involve lengthy time and tough circumstances.

We've all heard the phrase, "There's something about a man in uniform. Being the wife of a police officer is not for the weak, self centered, needy, clingy, insecure, or high maintenance type of woman. I remember him calling me for the first time on his lunch break from his patrol car.

What to Expect When you are Dating a Cop - Tips and Advice

Who doesn't love a man in a uniform? Dating a cop can be one of the most thrilling experiences of your life. No doubt he has been around danger before, and more likely than not has a great sense of justice. He wears the uniform of one of the most respected and dangerous jobs in the entire world, and must constantly maintain his mental and physical strength to serve and protect his countrymen. Dating a cop will seem like a challenge at times, but can be extremely rewarding to one with the right personality. Sign here, press hard 5 copies.

Tips on Dating a Police Officer

Make PoliceOne your homepage. In doing all of these things, we as wives can stand behind our officers and help hold their arms up in battle. You LEOWs know the type. You are suddenly left doing it all alone So with your two-year-old in tow, you start the day. You know this will be the only hour you see him before you have to go pick the oldest up from school and before he leaves to work part of his 20 hours of ODE that somehow got scheduled the same week as everything else. If you could just get a nap before dinner, you may not cry before the end of the night. I once joked that if I could just keep a dentist appointment without some state mandated training popping up that day or a DUI at the end of the shift which causes a shift in sleep schedules, it would be a miracle! I will call them every six months, probably the week of, and take whatever cancellation they have that lines up with our current schedule for the week.

As police officers, we deal with people in tense situations every day and take it in stride. Then why is it such a challenge for us when it comes to our dating lives?

My boyfriend of 5 years became a police officer about 6 months ago. Before that, he had been a volunteer firefighter for as long as we'd been together.

Dating Difficulties

There are a lot of groups and clubs and stuff for police wives. There aren't many police husband associations. It takes a strong, secure man not only to be with a female cop but to run around and brag about it. Law enforcement affects an officer's personal life. This is especially true in reference to police officers' intimate relationships. Although immensely helpful to the majority, the issues female officers face goes, many times, unacknowledged. Stereotypes and challenges abound in their quest for a significant other. Fortunately, with understanding by both partners, relationships can be healthy and gratifying regardless of occupation. Very masculine. Regardless, this stereotype is pervasive. Another part to this stereotype is the misperception a feminine, petite woman who can not do the job. The other main stereotype comes from Charlie's Angels.

15 Reasons to Date a Police Officer

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The Police Wife Life: Selfish Is Not an Option

Show less Ask a Question Related Articles. If you want to date a police officer, you must understand and respect the dangers of the job and the unconventional work schedule. To attract police officers, it is helpful to have a clean record, to care about your health, and to offer support and understanding. Be yourself, understand the job, and you may find the officer of your dreams!

7 Rules For Dating a Police Officer

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Those who wear the uniform are a funny and weird breed especially in law enforcement. We spend countless hours with fellow brothers and sisters in uniform for years but we rarely talk about our relationships and the troubles that we go through. We rarely even give others suggestions or advice of great things you can do with your significant other to improve your relationships. We protect our personal lives and affairs from the people at work. We are very cautions of possible gossip that may occur from divulging our personal affairs. We depend on each other in life and death situations but we still remain distant and closed off in many aspects of our lives. Within each of us we are sitting on a wealth of information that others can benefit from.

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What it's like being with a COP!! Married to the law!! Relationship advice!!
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