Introvert girl dating extroverted guy

Every so often I get a message from a frustrated extroverted woman who is smitten with an introverted guy. Other questions that often come up are:. Below is the advice I typically give. You might find it surprising.

12 Men Reveal Exactly Why They’d Rather Date An Introvert Or An Extrovert

Need help with your relationship? Whether it's romance, friendship, family, co-workers, or basic human interaction: No name calling, insults, or insensitive language details. We don't care who started it. No suggestions for violence, or suicide. These will result in banning, whether you're joking or not. Blanket statements about a group "All men are X", "All women do Y" are not allowed.

Please report them. If you or someone you know is involved in an abusive relationship or would like information on warning signs to watch out for, check out The Red Flag Campaign. Introvert girl, extrovert guy Introvert girl, extrovert guy self. There's this girl in my classes who's really caught my attention: Only we are both very different socially: I find it very hard interpreting her, many mixed signals.

We chat a bit on FB and by text, about half the time she will completely ignore my messages, the other half she'll respond with long excited responses. I've invited her to hang out four times, first days after we first met she didn't even show up but she had originally asked for my number? Two more times she had fairly reasonable excuses to decline outright, and the last time I actually cancelled I summed everything up and took it she wasn't actually interested so I backed away.

However, a few days later she propositioned me for coffee, and was excited when I said yes. We had a good time, learnt more that we have in common, and afterwards she messaged me with some info on something we were talking about. Also, she did previously invite me to work together on a team project. We do get on very well and relate on many levels, and in the corner of my eye I do notice her glancing at me in class frequently, plus she chooses to sit next to me each day.

I get the feeling she doesn't date much, if at all. Or if she's just unsure about my motives as on the surface my interest in her may seem 'odd' as she's very quiet, while I'm very outgoing; and [while I think she's very beautiful] she doesn't exactly fit conventions of beauty, while I'm apparently quite attractive. Or maybe she is just a bad communicator her introversion? She may be prone to waiting to see if you really are that interested in her, making the first moves and keeping up with the attention.

If you keep it up eventually she'll warm up to you. Though this seems more like shyness than introversion. The ignored messages thing I can get. It's often a "I'll hold off on responding so he doesn't think I'm too into him too fast" kind of bs mindgame our generation feels is important for some reason. Or, if she's like me and does a lot of internet junk, she has multiple tabs open and simply forgets about the message.

The declines may very well be legitimate especially if she asked you out to coffee. Was her invitation toward you before or after you two were joining up as a project group? Awesome, I was thinking the same if she is waiting to see if I really am that interested in her. If she is testing me, I actually really admire that - makes me respect her much more. I will do my best to show her that I really am interested in her, and for the right reasons I just don't want to come across too eager.

I was thinking just reliably showing her more attention than other classmates, compliment her, and try and create as many opportunities to hang out as possible, without making it seem too serious. Maybe pick her a pretty flower or two from the campus gardens. Yeah I'm not quite sure what I would categorize her as, shy, or introvert, or quiet, or reserved - or a mix. She is very quiet on social media as well.

So, that probably is more shyness I guess. One of the declines was quite personal, the reason included information most would be embarrassed to share and probably wouldn't unless it was the truth. So maybe they were legitimate. The invitation to coffee was after the invite to work together on the project, however we still haven't actually started the project yet. That's strange. I hate when girls try and test people. It comes off as manipulative and makes people act differently than they normally would or are.

Eh, to me it doesn't sound like she's into you. I avoid people because I'm shy, awkward and I don't like most people, but I definitely don't avoid the guy I'm interested in, I want to know him better. When she stood me up we'd only just met a few days earlier, it wasn't like a date either, just to meet up in the library to study together.

But yeah, everything else has made me consider seriously whether she's just not into me. It's just we do have a ton in common, and all the things she does which make me think she may be interested.. She is shy and slightly awkward, but she does seem to like most people. I wonder whether she may not get the intricacies of how to build friendships doesn't really associate with anyone in class or how to properly respond to a guy's attention.

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How would others read this situation? Input from other introverted females would be awesome: Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. ISTJ here. We're both

He enjoys getting together with friends, but not too many at a time, and his fuse is pretty short when it comes to being with large groups of people. He's the guy. And I've heard from multiple guys trying to woo introverted women, and Here are 5 things extroverts can consider when dating introverts (or hoping to). 1.

Bear with me through the overdone references to deceased family members…. My grandpa used to say that "the quietest person in the room is the smartest. Introverts are grounded. They harbor all the knowledge of their environment and make rational decisions.

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Need help with your relationship? Whether it's romance, friendship, family, co-workers, or basic human interaction: No name calling, insults, or insensitive language details.

Advice For Extroverted Women Who Want to Date an Introverted Guy

We swiped each other on Tinder, I told him I liked his dimples, and after a few days of nonstop witty texting , we met for drinks at a hipster hangout in the East Village. The text game and sexual attraction were strong across the airwaves. We had a few drinks. I did all the talking. I carried the conversation; regaling him with stories of wild nights out. I walked away from that date and thought:

12 Things Every Extrovert Who's Dated An Introvert Knows To Be True

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Advice For Extroverted Women Who Want to Date an Introverted Guy

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Here's How to Date an Introvert When You're an Extrovert

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12 Men Reveal Exactly Why They’d Rather Date An Introvert Or An Extrovert

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Here's How to Date an Introvert When You're an Extrovert

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5 Signs an Extrovert Likes You (Version 2)
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