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Before we get any further, there is a huge difference between a man with a beard and a man who is trying to grow a beard. Those are not beards, and those are not men with beards. There were beards before there were hipsters. All lumberjacks have beards.

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Dating A Lumberjack

A choice like that usually says something about a person. Hart fills the right side of the frame. The picture was taken in Stuttgart, Germany, in November , seconds after a mental error cost Hart the first individual podium finish in Canadian history at the Stihl Timbersports World Championships. A standard Timbersports competition is comprised of six events — three use an axe, two use some version of a chainsaw, and one uses a crosscut saw. Each one is a race against the clock.

Points are handed out by position from fastest to slowest. The winner is the one with the most points when all is said and done. Disqualification was the only thing that could cost him silver. He re-wound the cord and pulled again. The engine fired on the second attempt. Instead, he rushed to put chain to wood. He dropped from second to fourth place, just off the podium. Even now it gives me goosebumps and chills and kind of makes me angry. Hart uses his phone as much as most people do, meaning he sees the picture at least a few dozen times a day.

S tihl launched its Timbersports series in the U. Scott Read, a competitor and coach and one of the best Single Buck sawyers in Canada, provides the common-sense origin story: Despite that long history, most of the top athletes on the Stihl Series — 20 men make the cut for the Canadian pro division each year — are first-generation competitors. Where he may, in fact, stand alone is in his dedication to the sport: Hart is the only competitor in Canada who can truly be considered a full-time Timbersports athlete.

An arborist and certified B. Long-time competitor Wayne Paulsen puts it more succinctly. Hart is charismatic, great with fans and comfortable on camera. In short, anyone interested in the growth of Stihl Timbersports should be pulling for Stirling Hart to win a world championship. B orn and raised in Maple Ridge, B. We just give him an axe and let him go. He was 36 and apparently making up for lost time. CANLOG shows, which run to this day, feature a wider range of events than the Stihl Series — everything from log rolling to speed climbing.

Their only son, Greg, was 12 when his dad took up logger sports. Competitions are run at different heights, like sprint distances in track, and poles range roughly between 60 and feet. He retired with 10 world titles. He says Greg first strapped him into spurs around the time he started walking. Even done right, though, pole climbing ages its best in dog years. According to one news outlet, when Hart set the foot world record, he tapped the pole just five times on the way down.

If he wanted to be able to walk without assistance much past the age of 35, it was probably time to consider a change. The scent of barbeque can be picked up five blocks in any direction, but behind the Timbersports stage fresh-cut wood mostly overwhelms it. He approaches the whole day with an easy, upbeat energy. He swaps stories, cracks jokes and discusses the finer points of equipment and technique; he prepares his blocks with meticulous attention to detail, scouring them for knots that could ding his axe, measuring and marking his lines, and wrapping the wood in wet T-shirts to keep it moist; and he is greeted with joy and enthusiasm wherever he goes.

Our life is never dull. If there is a single moment of tension for Hart this afternoon, it comes at 3: Hot saws are souped-up chainsaws that look like the crayon drawings of an eight-year-old given a mountain of refined sugar and every Mad Max movie and asked to invent a tool for cutting down office buildings. They are crowd-pleasers, the Timbersports equivalent of drag cars, capable of firing up and making three full cuts through a log 19 inches across in six or seven seconds.

There are two reasons for the tension around the test-fire. To be clear: He can, and had to in order to become a two-time Canadian Champion. He tried six more times before giving up and pitching away the starter cord in disgust. That captures the mood nicely. If he exhales in relief along with it, he manages it with a lot less drama. Hart, the winner in and ; Dupuis, the winner in ; Nathan Cumberland, a skilled year-old who won the world rookie championship in and clocks in at a healthy pounds; and year-old four-time Canadian champion, Mitch Hewitt.

Just watching the early Springboard heats is enough to give you palpitations as boards sag down to alarming angles and look liable to give at any second. But Hart and Hewitt are two of the best Springboard choppers ever. Hewitt is first up the tree, cutting each pocket with four quick hits and getting onto his second board in front by at least two slow Mississippis. Normally I know Mitch is going to beat me up the tree by anywhere from two to five hits.

Hewitt switches to the back side of the block first and gets in four hits before Hart joins him, but after a first, low haymaker swing it takes Hart just four more overhand chops to drive his block. The Stock Saw goes worse. With the entire field divided evenly, the four who end up on the second stand seem to get a harder block. An event that often sees first and seventh separated by a second instead finishes with more than a second and a half between the winner, Nick Russell who, to be fair, set the national record a day earlier , and Hart, who comes fifth.

With three events down and three to go, Hart is third overall. And despite being a full five points back of the leader, Hewitt, he seems totally unfazed. He posts a time of When he wins that, too, it puts him back into first with a three-point buffer and only the Hot Saw between him and the Canadian Championship — his ticket back to worlds. He probably looks at his phone at least once before heading to warm up his saw.

Following their head-to-head matchup in the Springboard, Hewitt has gone in the heat right before Hart all day, and that sequencing has allowed him to apply pressure with a strong showing. Hart is sitting in the on-deck area when Hewitt fires his saw, gets it to the wood and makes three good cuts in an unofficial time of 7. Hart is stone-faced in the moment but later elaborates on what he was thinking: I think it was only around nine seconds, which is pretty slow, but what can happen in the Hot Saw is if you try to be too safe, you make mistakes.

His engine fires on the first pull. He revs the throttle a few times and then shuts off the saw, sets it down and hand-winds the starter cord back into place. The sound of the shot rings out over the public address, and Hart and Dupuis lunge for their saws. Their arms whip back in unison. Both engines roar to life. When the chains touch wood, huge rooster tails of sawdust paint the stage. Hart guides his first smooth down-cut.

He transitions without shifting or faltering and brings the saw back up. The wood offers the resistance of hot butter. He finishes his final down-cut just behind Dupuis, shuts off his saw and, still holding it, looks at the time displayed in giant red LED numbers above him. It reads 6. He lowers the saw and raises his arms above his head. A judge in Footlocker pinstripes kneels to examine his cuts and, moments later, pulls a yellow flag from his back pocket and throws it in a sad arc onto the stage.

Oh, no! The disqualifications are announced on-stage by head judge Roger McPhee. With five minutes to appeal, Hart heads off stage and immediately makes his way to the video review team. It happens. All three judges come to tell him the disqualification stands. They look apologetic bordering on guilty, but he takes the news with grace. He finishes second. T he trophy ceremony has just wrapped on the grounds inside London Ribfest and Hart smells faintly of the Champagne he sprayed all over Mitch Hewitt.

The sun is setting, no longer visible over the trees, and the crowd is gone except for the VIPs and stragglers. Hart stands out behind the first few rows of empty seating, near the front fence. He did this to himself, he says, referring to the second-place finish. Even before his first block of the weekend, he just had a feeling he was going to lose. In mid-May, at a training camp in the Czech Republic six days before an international Timbersports event in Hamburg, Hart was talking to another athlete after a session.

The cut was in the top of his foot, above his toes. He told the medic he should probably go to a hospital and, speaking through an interpreter, the medic told Hart that his wife worked in a plastic surgery clinic about an hour and a half away and they could go there. He said it looked as if Hart had cut some tendons and 10 minutes later he gave Hart a local anaesthetic and began operating. The whole process took about half an hour. Go for it.

And it takes a serious amount of dedication, like any other sport, to be a champion in it. We have a chance now to get our sport from being people chopping in paddocks and few people knowing about it, to it being a globalized sport — [with] the entire world knowing about it and knowing the people that do it. He steps inside and joins a group of fellow competitors, friends, near a folding table strewn with STP, WD40, sharpening stones and other accessories.

In case you were wondering how specific dating websites have gotten in the last decade, look no further than the dating app that pairs you with a beard. More specifically, it promises to pair up with a hunky lumberjack looking man. I'm currently on two dating apps where every other. Dating a lumberjack is like dating happiness. If happiness was a man, he would have a flannel, a beard, strong arms and legs, (to lift with.

The band earned its name because of the plaid flannel jackets its members originally wore. Formed in , the Lumberjack Band was originally made up of volunteers. Throughout the s and s, the band accompanied groups of fans to road games, especially to those with the Chicago Bears.

With a history dating back to the s, the Tupper Lake Woodsmen's Days is weekend-long festival designed to celebrate the region's storied heritage of logging and lumberjacking. Some of the highlighted events include:

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Would you like to tell us about a lower price? I need a man who knows how to use his wood. A lumberjack would be perfect. Two weeks. But when I see her for the first time, my bear loses its mind.

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I am not a church officer, I am not a travel agent, nor am I a social media guru, a butcher, an IT specialist, a corporate finance intern, or a boutique manager. Job searching is important — it is your future after all. According to current trends, significantly more people are using dating sites to find a perfect match than ever before. Online dating has become a phenomenon in recent years. It seems to be the way nowadays to find your true love — someone that fits you — your perfect match and it seems to be working too. For example, eHarmony proudly claims that in the USA alone, 1 in 5 married couples met on their dating platform. You spend days filling out questionnaires, perfecting your profile, and maybe probably photoshopping your picture. Then comes the waiting.

Life" is LumberMatch's motto.

A choice like that usually says something about a person. Hart fills the right side of the frame. The picture was taken in Stuttgart, Germany, in November , seconds after a mental error cost Hart the first individual podium finish in Canadian history at the Stihl Timbersports World Championships.

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The amount of attention facial hair gets these days is incredible. With this attention comes a diverse mix of stereotypes. Sometimes they are affectionate, sometimes laughable, and sometimes ridiculous. Lately, however, that playful banter can quickly change to just plain annoying. Enter the new catch phrase lumbersexual. Heritage refers to companies that embrace craftsmanship and fashion styles inspired by vintage design. But as people started creating lumbersexual Facebook fan pages, lumbersexual dating sites seriously , and lumbersexual gift guides , it got old real fast. The perplexing idea behind this movement is that Americans seem to view the lumberjack as a beast that went extinct decades ago. This makes sense considering the fashion from this movement is more so inspired by an epic bearded folklore hero, Paul Bunyan, than by real people. My curiosity about the lumbersexual concept got the better of me, and I set off to find a real lumberjack who could shed some light on this movement. I got word about a group of guys that could help with my investigative reporting efforts. On a snowy morning, I threw on a vintage wool plaid coat, a Nordstrom flannel, Banana Republic chinos, and mint-green Sorel boots.

"The Lumberjack Look" Is Apparently The Canadian Standard Of Beauty For Men

What a fun presentation of Alaskan skills and talents! Definitely worth the price of admission The Alaskan Lumberjack show is a good time full of corny jokes and gags. The lumberjacks have a Definitely worth the price of admission! Comfortable heated and covered seating with great views from every seat in the house.

LumberMatch brings bearded and tattooed singles together

Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? A lumberjack whose biggest dream is to own a certain sprawling parcel of land, Rhett Neumann can't believe his luck when the landowner finally puts it on the market. Rhett's already been planning to build himself a beautiful new home on it, but the seller has several stipulations about how said land can be purchased. Chiefest among them:

10 Things You Need to Know Before Dating a Man with a Beard

The name of the app: What else? The way it works is quite simple. The user just downloads the app and then flips through various, theoretically tempting pictures of logs, planks, and beams. Like so:.

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When a girl is into beards, she's really into them, and it's often part of a plaid package deal. Enter LumberMatch. Launched in January of this year, many of us thought that this virtual place "where the beards meet the beauties" was a joke. But now with 5, members, a decent social media following and a bizarre YouTube commercial, this beardo-friendly dating site appears to actually be real. I opted to try it out myself in hope of learning something about the site, or learning something about lumberjacks, or learning something about dating in general. I went with "beardiful," the middle-of-the-road option, because that's how I date.

Home of the Lumberjacks and Lady Jacks Dear Students and Families:. Welcome to the school year! We are empowering students to become creative problem solvers, critical thinkers, and inspired learners. The successful implementation of our 1:

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