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Kyle D. Homertgen, DO, tried online dating after he realized long workdays and small-town living were not conducive to everyday run-ins with other professional singles. He was intrigued by one of the first women he corresponded with on Match. When he learned that she had never been to the Oregon coast, Dr.

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Mar 17, Production Blog Author. Match Day finally arrived. Congratulations, you matched! Now what are you supposed to do next? Here are some tips we put together on a few items to check off your To-Do list before residency starts this summer. Connect with your new crew. Now that you know where you will be spending your residency, you probably have a thousand questions running through your head. Where will you live? Where will you find decent coffee in the middle of the night?

Do residents ever have time to go for Happy Hour? To get answers, go to the source: They were in your shoes, and they probably have tips for navigating your new residency. To connect with your new colleagues, look up your program on Doximity and start scouting the answers to all those burning questions. Goodbye school, hello debt. And since you are finally saying goodbye to med school, and hello to a real job with a albeit small paycheck, now is a good time to look at how you are going to repay your loans.

Or income-based repayment may make more sense, since you probably expect to earn a higher salary after residency. Spend wisely, young doctor. Now is a good time to spend your new income wisely. And by the way, this may not be the best time to buy a house. One little-known option for moving all of your books is USPS Media Mail , which can help you save a lot on shipping educational materials.

For example, those 30lb boxes of books that you need to ship across the country? Be the hospital hero with your pocket fax machine. With just one fax machine per floor that everyone has to share in order to send confidential patient information and orders, be the hospital hero with your HIPAA-secure fax app.

Impress your colleagues and set yourself up for success by being ready on day one to exchange messages from your phone or tablet, instead of the shared fax machine. Get your paperwork in order. Make copies of key documents, like your diploma. Pro tip: Need to update your Doximity account? You can change it in your settings. Last call for a break. This is perfectly normal, and the symptoms should subside by the time your residency starts!

This may be the last hurrah for a little while, so take advantage of the next couple of months to just cruise and have a little fun. Pick up a hobby. Take care of yourself -- before you start your residency to do the real work of taking care of others. If all of this is too overwhelming, just take the advice of Dr. Once residency starts, your life will change forever for the better, I promise.

To date, the time between Match Day and the start of residency was some of my best experiences. Photo credit: Scrubs, NBC, http: Now what? We have your to-do list.

Consider the potential consequences of dating if a relationship ends, In the same way, residents might blame residency for being single: "If I. After 4 years of medical school and 2 years of residency, my impression is that love and medicine can be a tricky thing. As a physician, I have.

Aubyn, Some Hope. When I took a job as a residency coordinator in graduate medical education at a local community hospital, I made myself a promise: I will not date a resident.

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Your finances are important. Kudos to you for taking the residrncy step in starting your financial zim classifieds dating. This is place where you can go for financial information resirency will arm you, protect you, and keep informed.

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There is a consensus that physical examination skills have been greatly deteriorating during the past twenty years, 1 - 4 with some reports dating back to the s. The problem of deteriorating physical examination skills has gained worldwide attention through an increase in publications and discussion panels. While there is an increasing focus on the decline of effective approaches to the physical exam, few medical educators are teaching comprehensive clinical skills, including history taking skills, which is a critical aspect of good medical practice. It, therefore, behooves academic medical institutions to examine the possible causes leading to the decline of specific clinical skills such as history taking and physical examination to mitigate the problem. The three clinical cases presented below illustrate how the lack of proper history taking resulted in a poorly performed physical exam with observable negative consequences for the patient.

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Anthony Youn, M. Full disclosure: I have no complaints about how much I make. So why are they complaining? Peterson is a plastic surgeon whom I worked with during my residency. A kind, competent physician, his new, fledgling practice consisted of reconstructive surgery. He treated women with breast cancer, paraplegics with pressure sores, and burn patients. He had fallen off a roof while intoxicated.

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Resident Wellness is a Lie (Part 1 of 3)

Just give us a quick call or complete the short form on the left. One of our experienced locums staffing experts will contact you shortly. By Editor Dec 22, Our recent look at physician moonlighting trends — and the role of locum tenens in providing medical moonlighting opportunities — examined moonlighting for new physicians looking to pay off debt, and mid- and senior-career physicians looking for secondary sources of income or working other positions to help out during staff shortages, or a number of other reasons. Medical moonlighting also extends to residents, although with a few caveats and qualifications. Although Staff Care only employs medical residents for locums work on a limited basis learn more about that here , we also know that many residents and fellows look to our experts on career guidance decisions — here at the Locums Link Blog , as well as our New Physicians Program , which offers a wealth of advice and resources geared towards helping residents and fellows get their careers off on the right foot. So with that in mind, let's take a look at the pros, the cons, and the how-to of medical moonlighting jobs for residents. Moonlighting Jobs for Residents. In its most basic terms, moonlighting is a secondary job worked in addition to your main, primary job. The term relates to any kind of employment, not just medical employment; for residents, moonlighting means working as an independent physician, outside of the scope of your residency training program. There's also a difference between internal moonlighting working in the same facility as your primary position and external moonlighting working outside of it. Although medical residents "are legally allowed to provide medical care as licensed physicians and receive direct financial compensation in return for these services," as Elizabeth Kwo, MD, MBA put it in a article for Medscape , not all medical programs may allow their residents to do so.

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Mar 17, Production Blog Author. Match Day finally arrived. Congratulations, you matched! Now what are you supposed to do next? Here are some tips we put together on a few items to check off your To-Do list before residency starts this summer. Connect with your new crew. Now that you know where you will be spending your residency, you probably have a thousand questions running through your head.

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