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Installation Tips - How to Install Your Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Installing your pool heat pump is a fairly simple task and can be completed either by the pool owner, a local engineer or by one of our experienced installation engineers. The manufacturer's recommendations should however always be followed in order not to invalidate the warranty, or to prevent your heat pump from working properly. If you would like us to install the heat pump for you, please contact us for an installation quote.

Choose a location for your heat pump where it can get a good flow of air. Optimum efficiency of the heat pump relies on good air flow. Where possible the heat pump should always be installed outdoors so it can receive a good supply of fresh air to operate and extract the heat from. Make sure that the air being expelled by the fan will not hit any obstacles and could be recirculated back into the heat pump. Pool heat pumps, come in two main formats - vertical fan and horizontal fan models.

Vertical fan models will draw air in at the sides of the heat pump and blow cooler air upwards out of the top of the unit. You should ensure that there are no obstructions above the heat pump that could cause the expelled air to recirculate back into the unit as this will reduce its efficiency, eg low hanging trees or roofs etc. Similarly horizontal fan models will draw air in at the back of the unit and blow out colder air from the front of the heat pump. More space is better, but as a minimum, you should allow mm behind the heat pump and 2 metres in front of it.

Again, the expelled air should be able to blow away without hitting obstructions eg hedges, fences etc which could cause the air to re-circulate. Vertical fan models should have at least 2 feet mm clearance around the sides and no obstructions above as per the diagram below. Pool heat pumps should wherever possible be installed outdoors in order to have a good supply of fresh air. However some can be installed inside a pump house - see the section below.

Try to locate the heat pump close to the pool pump to minimise the friction in the pipes. If your pipe run is too long, you may have an insufficient water flow rate through the heat pump and may need to upgrade your pool pump or use larger diameter pipes to and from the heat pump to reduce friction in the pipes and maintain a good water flow rate. Most heat pumps state the nominal water flow required on their specification charts.

If the water flow through the heat pump is too low, then the heat pump may overheat and the safety mechanism will turn the unit off. To see examples of heat pumps installed correctly, please see our Photo Gallery. Most of our pool heat pumps state the required water flow rate on their specifications table. If the water flow rate is too low, then the water in the heat pump will overheat and the heat pump will switch off. Check the water flow rate from your pool pump and through your filter to ensure that it is high enough for your pool heat pump.

Note that there is a maximum possible flow through each size of pool pipe regardless of the power of your pump. For larger heat pumps it may not be possible to achieve sufficient water flow through small pipes eg 1. Please contact us for advice on this. You should also regularly backwash your pool filter to ensure that the water flow rate remains at an adequate level. The base for the heat pump should be level and sound. You can use either a concrete base, paving slabs laid on sand or timber decking.

The heat pump can be installed above or below water level. The only proviso is that the pool circulation pump is powerful enough to deliver the water flow rate that the heat pump needs to operate. We also sell mounting feet and lightweight slabs to mount the heat pump on. These help to raise the heat pump off the ground and also reduce noise and vibration. While the heat pump is operating, it is normal for condensation water to drip from it - particularly in humid conditions.

You should consider the condensate water that will come from the unit in the base design as the amount of water can be considerable and cause a pool of water to form. For example if the unit is mounted on timber decking, holes can be made in the decking to allow the condensate water to drain away and not cause rotting to the timber. Some heat pumps have a water outlet tube that will channel the condensate water away, or a piece of hose can be attached to it to divert the water to a specific location.

Some customers mistakenly think that the heat pump has a leak when in fact the water coming from the heat pump is normal condensation. Before purchasing a pool heat pump, you should check the running current and peak current stated on the listing for your desired model. Ensure that your electrical supply is adequate to support the running and startup currents for the unit.

It is normally recommended to run a dedicated cable back to your electrical consumer unit for the heat pump and install a dedicated breaker for the heat pump. Most heat pumps will have a higher electrical current demand when they start. This only lasts for a millisecond or so while the compressor starts and the current then reverts to the normal running current for the unit.

The size of circuit breaker required is normally stated on the listing for each heat pump and is normally slightly larger than the startup current. You would normally use a type "D" circuit breaker fuse with your heat pump. The type "D" circuit breaker allows for the higher current at startup as the compressor starts without tripping the breaker.

If you have a very "sensitive" electrical supply, then some heat pumps have an optional or built in "soft-start" option. The soft-start option "eases" in the startup current up to the running current to avoid a power spike on startup. In extreme situations, the house lights may flicker or the circuit breaker trips when the heat pump starts up. The soft-start kit helps to prevent this. The soft-start option is not normally required in the UK, or on small heat pumps or on 3-phase heat pumps.

Please contact us for further information. We sell a third-party soft start module that can be added to virtually any heat pump. This is listed under our "Accessories" section. Armoured cable is normally used to supply the heat pump. This is to prevent the cable from being accidentally damaged eg by digging through it with a spade.

The size thickness of the cable required depends on the length of cable used. A longer cable run will require a thicker cable due to the increased resistance of the long cable. The armoured cable should be run to a rotary isolator switch which should be located within 1-meter of the heat pump to allow the power to be easily killed to the heat pump.

The electrical work should be completed by a qualified electrician who can calculate the cable size required. Most properties have a single-phase electrical supply. If you are not sure, you probably have a single phase electrical supply, but ask your electrician to confirm this for you. Single phase supplies operate at around v in the UK and have one live wire, neutral and earth and are the most common type of power in domestic properties.

Larger properties may have a 3-phase power supply. This typically operates around v and uses three live wires, a neutral and earth wires. Note that most 3-phase installations are vv, however in France it is possible to find both vv and some older v 3-phase supplies, so please check which type you have before ordering. All of our heat pumps are manufactured to work with 50hz electrical supplies which are used throughout Europe.

Note that in the USA, they use a 60hz electrical supply. All of our heat pumps are made to use a 50hz electrical supply. We can supply an electrical connection box with a built in timer for your pool pump - see our "Accessories" section. Please contact us for a quote. In the UK, these are normally 1. In Europe, 50mm is more common. Check the writing stamped on your existing pipes and elbows to see which size you have.

Do not just measure the external diameter of the pipes or fittings as this is often different to the size required and you may accidentally order the wrong size pipe and pipe fittings! Once you know the existing pipe size that you have, you will know what size connectors and elbows you will need. If you have an existing pool heater eg gas or oil boiler, then if it still works ok, we recommend that you leave it in place and put the heat pump in line with the existing boiler.

This will allow you to run both the heat pump and boiler if required for a rapid pool heat up. The old heater can also help to supplement the heat from your heat pump in very cold weather to help extend the swimming season. Where possible the water should run through the heat pump first and then the existing heater so that the heat pump does most of the heating work. The thermostat on the existing heater eg gas boiler can be set lower than the heat pump so that the existing heater will only operate if required.

The bypass is a series of 3-valves. These allow you to isolate the heat pump to prevent water flowing through it. A bypass can also allow the water flow rate to be adjusted to achieve the optimum performance for the heat pump. We are happy to advise on how to adjust the flow rate accordingly depending on the make and model of heat pump used.

Generally, you should aim for a difference between water in and water out temperatures of around degrees. This is required in winter when you need to drain all water from the heat pump to prevent damage by freezing, however you may have a frost stat on your pool pump and may wish to continue to circulate the water round your pool pipes. The bypass setup also allows you to adjust the water flow rate passing though our heat pump. By slghtly opening the bypass valve, you can reduce the water flow through the heat pump.

We sell a range of winter covers for pool heat pumps to protect your unit - see our Accessories section. The heat pump is normally installed as the last item in the water flow before the water returns to the pool, ie after the filter. The only exception to this is if you have a chlorination unit in which case this should be the last item before the water returns to the pool so that concentrated chlorine does not go through the heat pump as this could cause premature corrosion to the heat exchanger.

The heat pump can be installed alongside any existing heater that you have eg gas heater. This allows you to use the gas heater as well as the heat pump if required either to rapidly heat up the pool or if the air temperature is too cold to run the heat pump efficiently eg at the and of the swimming season. Multiple heat pumps can be plumbed in series or in parallel. Please contact us for advice on the best method to use for your situation.

Where possible a heat pump should always be installed outdoors as they need a constant supply of fresh air to operate and extract the heat from. However it is possible to install some models inside the plant room.

Since you'll be connecting your heater to a commercial power outlet and your pool's water pump, place the heater as close as possible to the outlet as well as. Pool heater installation information from an industry expert about what causes swimming pool heaters to fail and how to avoid this with a new heater installation.

Pool owners who want to extend the swimming season even after the onset of winter should install a gas pool heater. These increase the temperature of the water in the pool, thus making it possible to swim even in the colder months of the year. Water passes into the heater through the filter and is warmed in its combustion chamber. It is then passed back into the pool, allowing you to swim in comfortably warm water. Follow these steps to install your own before the temperatures start to drop.

Installing your pool heat pump is a fairly simple task and can be completed either by the pool owner, a local engineer or by one of our experienced installation engineers. The manufacturer's recommendations should however always be followed in order not to invalidate the warranty, or to prevent your heat pump from working properly.

In an effort to level the playing field between brick-and-mortar dealers and online sellers, Pleatco, a leading manufacturer of cartridge filters for the pool and spa industry, has closed a But poor installation and water care failures can reverse that benign effect by shortening the lifespan of the unit, leaving that same homeowner thinking about expensive early replacement costs — which is a loss for the whole industry.

How to Install an Electric Pool Heater

If you are installing a new swimming pool heater then this page contains information that is critically important about pool heater installation. Poor installation is one of the most common reasons that a pool heater will break early - in some cases in as little as a few months. Unfortunately for pool owners with substandard heater installations the chances are very high that if your heater fails early you will not be covered under warranty by the manufacturer. If you have a heater failure they will investigate the installation and determine if the product was faulty or if the failure was a result of an incorrect or inadequate installation. If any fault is found in the installation then the warranty claim will be denied and you will be left without any recourse for compensation. Don't assume that this will not happen to you.

Installation Tips - How to Install Your Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Your in-ground pool is a great pleasure to your entire family…3 months out of the year. Installing a pool heater will allow your family to use your pool heater in times of cool weather as well as hot. Gas heaters are measured in BTUs, a unit of energy needed to heat water. The number of BTUs for your pool heater will be directly proportional to the size of the pool in gallons and the surface area of the water. The efficiency of the unit you pick will have an impact on the cost of running the pool heater. The US Department of Energy explains on their website how efficiency works. More simply put: For more information about how much money each pool heater will cost to run, take a look at this online calculator.

A natural gas heater is the most efficient choice to heat your pool and extend the swimming season into the spring and fall.

If you find your pool is too cold to enjoy, consider installing an electric pool heater. This is a relatively simple project for a do-it-yourselfer with moderate experience. Just follow the four steps below to install your own pool heater. Since you'll be connecting your heater to a commercial power outlet and your pool's water pump, place the heater as close as possible to the outlet as well as your pool pump and filter.

How to Install a Gas Pool Heater

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Installation Tips - How to Install Your Swimming Pool Heat Pump

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