Shake it up rocky and logan dating

Bella Thorne , Zendaya , and Davis Cleveland appeared in every episode. Adam Irigoyen was absent for four episodes, Roshon Fegan was absent for five, and Caroline Sunshine was absent for nine. Kenton Duty is not a main cast member in this season and has been removed from the opening credits. This is the final season of the series, [1] with the series finale airing on November 10,

Shake it up rocky and logan dating

She loves dancing as much as her best friend, Rocky, and they dance together. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her brother and mother. Initially, she performs poorly in school partially because of dyslexia though this isn't revealed until later , but also in part because of her "trouble-making" behavior and her lack of motivation. She gradually improves academically as the series progresses.

Being fearless, Cece is constantly getting into trouble. Despite her initially failing audition due to stage fright , she eventually earns a spot as a background dancer on the local dance show "Shake It Up Chicago". In "Shake It Up", it was revealed in a flashback that CeCe and Rocky met together in a ballet class when they were around 5 years old. It was there that they became best friends and CeCe gave her the nickname "Rocky", stating that it was easier to say than her real name, Raquel.

CeCe cares for her family very much. She loves her little brother, Flynn, but is irresponsible when babysitting him, such as when she and Rocky forgot him at the park in season one, and when she forgot to buy ingredients for Flynn's cookies in season two. CeCe and Flynn are shown to have a love and hate relationship, but they comfort each other when the other is down.

CeCe has a great relationship with her father, JJ Jones. The two share almost the same personality. CeCe and Flynn say their parents get along better when they're divorced. CeCe's best relationship is with her mother, Georgia Jones. They fight sometimes, but always make up. CeCe helps Georgia take care of Flynn, and some times kisses up to her, such as in season one when she wanted a cell phone, and in season two when she wanted to go down to the movie studio her mom worked at and meet Taylor Lautner.

In season three, CeCe desperately wanted her mom to find a boyfriend, so she and Rocky set her up with a firefighter named Jeremy Hunter. It turned out, though, that at the altar Georgia and Jeremy realized they didn't want to get married and broke up. CeCe also became a Broadway star. Overall, CeCe has a pretty bad romantic life aside from Season 3. But in "Psych It Up", James breaks up with her before she can because they have nothing in common.

Later on in the episode, she meets with a psychiatrist who tells her she will meet the love of her life soon. When CeCe goes to meet him, it turns out to be a dog who CeCe takes home. In the end though, the dog's owner, Monroe, takes home his dog and asks out CeCe. It is never confirmed if they broke up or not. CeCe is one of only two characters to appear in every episode; the other, appropriately enough, is her best friend Rocky. Raquel "Rocky" Blue, [1] portrayed by Zendaya , is a book-smart girl whose heart belongs to dancing.

She is a vegetarian and supporter of animal rights , as mentioned in "Meatball it Up". She is always trying to get CeCe out of trouble, which often gets them both into trouble. She is Ty's younger sister. Their dad is never seen until one Season 2 episode but is mentioned briefly by Ty throughout Season 1, explaining his absence, as he's always on business trips.

Though Rocky's real name is Raquel, CeCe gave her the nickname "Rocky" when they first met, which eventually caught on with all of Rocky's friends and family. Rocky does not take well to people disliking her, as seen in " Give it Up ". Her father is a doctor for Doctors Without Borders. Rocky is referred by others as freakishly tall for her age, while CeCe is freakishly short.

Rocky is shown to love Taylor Lautner. She also seems to make a joke out of something at the wrong time, but sometimes she can make a joke that no one will usually catch on to. It is shown in "Made in Japan" that she is "deathly afraid of flying". Rocky is usually pulled into CeCe's crazy schemes, and is usually punished or grounded with CeCe in the end.

Rocky tries to be CeCe's voice of reason, but CeCe usually doesn't listen she only follows by her own rules. Rocky's relationship with her family is very strong. Rocky and her mother, Marcie are on good terms, but her mother is overprotective when it comes to Rocky dating. Rocky and her father have a good relationship, and although he wants her to be a doctor, he sees how much Rocky loves to dance, and eventually accepts it. Rocky and her brother Ty have a great, and strong brother-sister bond.

Ty is overprotective of his little sister, but at the same time, they can fight. Rocky's romance life is just as bad as CeCe's. Rocky hasn't had any major love interests until season three. CeCe's future stepbrother, Logan Hunter asked Rocky to teach him how to slow dance, but while Rocky was teaching him, Rocky kissed Logan twice and he kissed her back.

The two started developing a crush for each other. As Jeremy and Logan leave the altar for the honeymoon, Logan tells Rocky to call him. She is also a big star like CeCe. Described as "wise beyond his years", his characteristics include having an appetite for bacon, playing video games and annoying his older sister. He feels a special affection for Rocky which is revealed in "Model It Up". His best friend is CeCe's math tutor, a college graduate named Henry Dillon, who is about Flynn's age.

He and CeCe's parents are divorced. Their dad is mentioned only once and appeared in the episode "Parent Trap It Up". He will also do anything for ice cream as seen in "Break It Up". His nephew, LJ also looks and acts just like him. Although a skilled dancer, he passed on the chance to try out for "Shake It Up Chicago", claiming he does not dance for "the man". He and Deuce also are often babysitting Flynn. A possible romance based relationship was developed in episode "Add It Up" between him and Tinka, but was not further progressed in any following episodes.

He is good at pranks, like when he doodled on Flynn's face in "Give it Up". He is also the new host on Shake It Up Chicago, after the previous host was fired after arguing with the new executive producer about which Blue Rocky or Ty would make the new cast. He also loses the majority of his hair and gains a lot of weight due to the stress. At their high school reunion, Tinka and Ty admit that they missed each other and he proposes to her, which she accepts.

He is said to have an inside-track to almost everything. He often babysits Flynn with Ty's help. He and Ty are almost always seen together. In "Break It Up", it is revealed that Deuce faints at the sight of blood after Rocky shows him how her foot is badly cut. He is of Cuban descent. Despite the fact that he performed a routine with Ty and Flynn in "Hot Mess It Up", it is hinted several times that Deuce does not dance.

It is often remarked mostly by Ty that, even though he is in a current relationship with Dina, Deuce is unattractive to most women. It is shown in " Party It Up " that he is very easily tricked. He also has an identical cousin named Harrison. He is the owner of Crusty's, lives in Rocky's old apartment and has a mustache. At the end of the episode, Dina gives birth to their 8th child, which is a girl, the first in the family. Gunther Hessenheffer, Seasons [1] portrayed by Kenton Duty , is the flamboyant twin brother of Tinka portrayed by Caroline Sunshine who came to Chicago as exchange students from a small mountain country in the first grade.

The parents of Tinka and Gunther are only in one episode but they are even stranger than the twins. He and his sister are " frenemies " to CeCe and Rocky. Gunther owns numerous betwinklers. It is said that Gunther models sweaters. In "Shrink It Up", it is revealed that in a flashback, He and Tinka were in the same ballet class as CeCe and Rocky, and it is also shown that the two pairs were still frenemies at a young age. In season two, He appeared sporadically as he was absent for thirteen episodes.

He leaves the show at the end of season two. Tinka Hessenheffer, [1] portrayed by Caroline Sunshine , is the twin sister of Gunther portrayed by Kenton Duty who came to Chicago as exchange students from a small mountain country in the first grade. Judging by her and her brother's names, it appears the country could be Germany , Sweden , or Austria , but by the descriptions of the country, it could be Albania , Kosovo , or Montenegro.

They eat strange food and give out left overs in small doggy bags. They are shown to have feelings for each other after the date is over, but further progress was not shown in the succeeding episodes. Tinka takes pride in herself, similar to Gunther, and is competitive. In the season three premiere, Tinka surprises Rocky and CeCe by suddenly acting nice to them.

She reveals that Gunther has left to return home and she feels lost without him so wants them as friends. At first wary, Rocky and CeCe decide to give Tinka a chance after she tries to take the blame for burning down the dance studio. She is also known to be a talented cake decorator as shown in "Oh Brother It Up". In "Future It Up", it is revealed that in the future, Tinka becomes a famous fashion designer Tinkaware. Gary Wilde, [1] portrayed by R. He is attracted to photo shoots, drives a red Porsche, and is in his late 30's.

He has sent party invites to Oprah Winfrey , but has been turned down seven times, and has been arrested many more. He also likes to take majority of the credit on the show.

Logan and Rocky end-up dating for a short time, then they break up, because CeCe gave Logan another chance and Logan didn't give CeCe a chance. The third and final season of Shake It Up premiered on Disney Channel on October 14, At the Jones/Hunter wedding, Georgia and Jeremy break up at the altar and Rocky and Logan start dating. The couple break up a few episodes.

Shake It Up! The series revolves around Platonic Life-Partners Cecilia "CeCe" Jones Bella Thorne and Raquel "Rocky" Blue Zendaya , two young teen best friends from inner-city Chicago who find themselves one step closer to their dream of becoming professional dancers when they're hired as backup dancers on Shake It Up Chicago , an American Bandstand -style variety show. Confirmed with the Crossover episode with Good Luck Charlie. Starting with the second season, Disney launched a related spin-off competition called Shake It Up:

She loves dancing as much as her best friend, Rocky, and they dance together. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her brother and mother.

Natalya then takes her down for a Sharpshooter for the win. Rose gets her in the ring and covers for a one count.

Home truths helped Anton Rogan keep a sense of perspective

Just In All Stories: New Stories: Updated Crossovers: New Crossovers: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Rocky Blue angst stories and Rogan.

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As Emily Gilmore struggles with the loss of her husband Richard, and Lorelai questions whether she's "happy" in her relationship with Luke, Rory Is dating? We're not totally sure yet. We really only know that she's an unemployed adult living at home a part of what the second Gilmore Girls trailer refers to as the "something gang". The GG revival trailers haven't pointed us in any one direction when it comes to who Rory will end up with, but by the sound of Matt Czuchry's recent comments about Rory and Logan , at least Rory still has some romantic fans. A Year in the Life , Czuchry, the actor who plays Logan, proclaimed his character's enduring love for Rory. Be still as you witness Logan, with his iPad, looking lovingly at someone Rory, maybe? As far as fictional boyfriends go, Logan — with or without his iPad — was a catch. He loved Rory thoroughly. Though she might not have been her best self during their relationship see:

She loves dancing as much as her best friend, Rocky, and they dance together.

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List of Shake It Up characters

I don't own Shake It Up! This story is being told in my own version. A few details here will be different than some that's on the show. In Cece's bed room, Rocky sits up on Cece's bed. Cece sits in front of and is leaned back on Rocky-resting on her. Rocky has her arms wrapped around Cece and holding her. Both are wearing the same outfit: Ty knows both our secrets. Deuce only knows that we're lesbians and we're dating each other. And that's way too much information for Deuce to know.

List of Shake It Up characters

The love that has been majorly hinted between them shows that it's highly likely that Rocky and Logan hold feelings for each other. Their love is also forbidden, because CeCe and Ty wouldn't approve of this relationship seeing as they seem to both be very protective of Rocky, however, this may change near future. This pairing has become very popular, and seeing what romance the Shake It Up writers have done for them, they may consider making them date throughout the series. They are portrayed by Zendaya and Leo Howard. Hey, why are there four plates? Oh, um

Matt Czuchry’s Comments About Logan’s Love For Rory Will Send ‘Gilmore Girls’ Fans Into A Tizzy

Booed by his countrymen, buffeted by the storms of high-profile errors but buoyed by historic triumph, Anton Rogan has always found a safe harbour from the tides of fortune that can both overwhelm and sustain a footballer. Everywhere I went in Glasgow, it was coming up. Everywhere I went in Belfast, it came up. I never got away from it. It got a bit on top of me, I can't lie. On my street alone in West Belfast, a little street of 30 houses where I was born and brought up, eight or nine people were killed in the Troubles.

Clean It Up: CeCe accidentally stains Georgia's wedding dress with self-tanning lotion. Rocky and Logan practice. Shake it up - rocky and logan dance Sahke it up. Roshon Fegan had studied at the. While Deuce is currently dating Dina,.

Logan is shown to be a likeable guy. He is seemingly calm, sarcastic and loves skateboarding. Despite this though he is also very disciplined and dedicated to what ever he does. He seems to be a stickler for rules, but that doesn't mean he doesn't know how or when to have fun. He's mostly a nice guy, although will get annoyed if pushed. He dislikes CeCe because he thinks that she has a lack of work ethic.

Email address: Dancing offers some unique challenges over general exercise and this is what makes it an excellent brain training activity. In this study "We tried to provide our seniors in the dance group with constantly changing dance routines of different genres Jazz, Square, Latin-American and Line Dance. Steps, arm-patterns, formations, speed and rhythms were changed every second week to keep them in a constant learning process. The most challenging aspect for them was to recall the routines under the pressure of time and without any cues from the instructor.

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