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Carbon Dating

Welsh songwriter Gruff Rhys has something of a Cheshire cat quality about him. Like a Lewis Carroll creation who just missed the Wonderland cut, he's simultaneously an outlandish caricature and real flesh and blood. Whether it's been showing up at the Glastonbury festival in a tank! And yet, despite these excesses, their heartfelt songs are able to address issues of not only love and loss, but colonial imperialism, global warming, war, and politics in ways that avoid the heavy-handed, preachy tone for which so many of us have long lost a taste.

In person, Rhys happily continues the contradiction. His speech can be slow to the point of paralysis, but just when you wonder if you've lost him, his comments reveal themselves to be quite economical and insightful. His social graces echo that of a Victorian gentleman. He stands when people arrive and leave, looks you in the eye, inquires as to how you are, gives you his full respect and attention.

But, as he pauses in the midst of answer, there's that mischievous grin again More than anything Rhys is a very educated, highly talented musician who knows that all of the issues about which he sings mean everything and nothing all at once. I've noticed that Super Furry Animals don't really have political songs, as much as politics and social commentary are naturally part of the tunes.

I want to know if that's somewhat accurate, and how you feel about addressing politics within the songs? Gruff Rhys: Yeah, we didn't form the group because of politics. Our instincts are musical, and our reason for being together is our love of records and to play music. I think that we grew up in a period of political activism and a lot of our friends' families have been politically active.

So, it's part of our upbringing. But we come from a generation from after punk rock So we're kind of turned off rhetoric and sloganeering. There's lyrics and they're very, y'know, it's inevitable that it will be part of our lyrics in the end in some way. Well, there's a sense that that kind of sloganeering, people are sort of dead to it now.

It doesn't resonate in the same way, it's not the same "call to arms". There's a sense that it should be casual dialogue amongst people when discussing politics now. That puts people at ease. Yeah, and I suppose there's less, people are less ideological than they used to be. And don't necessarily follow one doctrine. So in that sense, maybe in the s, you had bands that rigorously followed Marxist doctrines Do you think it's good that it's become a little more personal?

That it's not so easy to just be left or right anymore? Yeah, and also people are naturally so hypocritical, that it's often difficult for a rock band to have any kind of credibility if they start making political statements. It's just sometimes so obviously contradictory to what they do. Well, I thought about that a little when I was listening to "Neo Consumer" a tune about mass consumer confusion off Hey Venus!

I mean, I understand what you're getting at in the song , but I also understand that it seems to be a part of the band that you're kind of, well, there's no way to separate yourself from this kind of vortex. You can observe it, but you're still I was reading in a interview that when you were working on Hey Venus! Was it frustrating at all that a record like Love Kraft didn't come across the way you'd like live?

Because I felt like that record was a little misunderstood. Uh, I mean, we're not really worried about And any frustrations are purely with ourselves. You know, it's a very long, beautiful record, but it requires a lot of patience to listen to and to play. Well, certainly on a song like "Zoom! So, is there that too? Not just the energy level, but with Hey Venus! Yeah, obviously on the arrangements it's pretty, umm, it's a very simple record.

I suppose the emphasis was more on songs than the arrangement. I think we've made records that are more adventurous sonically, but I think we always react to the last record that we did. I often felt, especially when watching you guys play live, that for a long time you were trying to merge dance culture with rock culture. Is that still a big part of what you're doing or has that evolved live? Yeah, I don't know. Our decision making is pretty chaotic and anything goes and everybody pushes and pulls the band in different directions.

On this record, nobody brought samplers into the studio, so there's far less electronics than on a lot of our records. You sit at your computer or sampler and sometimes it's more of an individual kind of thing. Whereas with this record, we were trying to play as a band: I certainly remember seeing you guys play for Rings , when you released the DVD with a video for each song , and you guys were starting to play with a lot of videos and sequencers.

The first time I saw you guys on that tour, I felt like the energy level was a little lacking because the rhythm section felt like it was learning how to play with a click track for pretty much the whole night. And then later, on the second leg of Rings and for Phantom , it felt like you had it nailed. What you're saying about electronic music being an individual pursuit, there's that sense of rigidity.

It's difficult to be loose. Yeah, absolutely. That can be very frustrating, and in a way, the purer and more electronic it is, the better it sounds. I mean, when we take it to extremes, it's usually more convincing then. We often use a lot of click tracks and it's very difficult to get right. We're still trying to learn that, and I think energetic music, if it sounds energetic then you can get away with it. But with a record like Love Kraft , there's a lot of click tracks in order to orchestrate the show live, and it's very slow music.

There's a sense to me that on Hey Venus! It's almost as though now that you're learned another language, the band is a little more multilingual. I don't know if you know what I mean, but instead of just speaking rock, or speaking electronic, now that you know how to speak both of them, there's not the same need to speak one of them exclusively at certain times. But then there are bits where the orchestration reminds me of stuff on Phantom Power or even Love Kraft.

But it feels like you have more of a command of musical languages now. Does it feel that way to you? Yeah, I think it's real interesting if you listen to "Carbon Dating", which is a song by Cian Ciaran, keyboardist and electronic whiz , most of his, because he's developed a lot as a writer and his background is electronic, and he put out a record as Acid Casuals Omni a couple years ago, and that record is almost like a greatest hits of the past ten years of his stuff. And some of it would end as Furry songs.

We'd all jam, like on "Slow Life" from Phantom Power. We'd kind of sing on top of it and try to bring it in the group. But, with the Acid Casuals album, by the end he's singing a song. I think the last song on the record is lyrics, and you can see how he's changed his position. So, when he brings things to the band now, he's often reluctant to play them from the computer, but he'll try and get us to play his tunes live.

Right, like he doesn't want to dictate the format to you. He'd rather it came out, give you all the chance to imprint yourself a little bit more on the song from the start. Yeah, well, I think, although nobody's particularly pushy in the band--it's not a part of our culture--I think he's just really keen that way. Thought we'd rehearse his ideas. Y'know, the stuff he writes is very beautiful, melodic. Hopefully, this makes it quite original.

Hopefully, we start to belong to our own sound. Our ultimate goal would be to lose a lot of our influences and make something original. I think we're still quite far away though. It certainly always comes out sounding like you guys. And that is one other thing too. Now that you guys have been a band as long as you have, your mark on the landscape is little bit different now.

You're not a band that has just begun. You have a real history, a huge amount of time and lots of side projects. And some influence, too. What was that collection you did, Under the Influence a UK compilation series? And there was a quote of yours on the front of the Selda record cult Turkish psych singer , at least over here. You know the one I'm talking about from Finders Keepers? So, I mean, it's different now. You've reached the point where you guys are recognized as having varied tastes. That there's something that can be learned from where your ears lead.

Yeah, I mean, we formed because we didn't come out of a

Full and accurate LYRICS for "Carbon Dating" from "Super Furry Animals": You can't run, though you might try, be sure, before we goodbye, Eat your drink. Lyrics of CARBON DATING by Super Furry Animals: You can't run, though you might try, be sure, before we goodbye, Eat your drink, and drink.

Welsh orchestral psych-popsters the Super Furry Animals? Released digitally in August, the album with bonus material will be available in brick and mortar stores in January. Pop songs get juiced with a little bit of soul, all wrapped within a symphonic sense of pop experimentation and a Spectorish wall of sound. The deft arrangements of these shimmering, kaleidoscopic songs is nothing short of dazzling—shapes and sounds move and metamorphose in an organic, otherwordly way—a sitar line here, a French horn or a trumpet solo there.

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Welsh songwriter Gruff Rhys has something of a Cheshire cat quality about him. Like a Lewis Carroll creation who just missed the Wonderland cut, he's simultaneously an outlandish caricature and real flesh and blood. Whether it's been showing up at the Glastonbury festival in a tank!


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Hey Venus!

Hey Venus! It was released on 27 August in the United Kingdom. The album was conceived as a "rowdy pop record", [4] [5] both in response to Rough Trade's request for "one of those pop records like you used to make" and as a result of the "very different atmosphere" the band encountered at shows on the Love Kraft tour when the 'slow' songs from that album were played. The album follows the life and adventures of a character called Venus as she moves "from a small town to a big metropolis". Critical response was generally positive with some reviews claiming Hey Venus! Rhys has also stated that after Love Kraft the band were "kind of thinking of making a loud record" following the "very different atmosphere" at initial shows on the Love Kraft tour, when the group played the "slow" songs from that album. The majority of the album was recorded at Miraval Studios, France , [16] picked, at keyboardist Cian Ciaran's request, because of its large live room which enabled all the band to set up and play as a group. After working with producer Mario Caldato Jr. Rhys has praised Newfeld for his "knowledge of pop and what makes people react" stating that "most of the time he just stood there by the desk " and "wouldn't accept a take until he was physically moved by it".

Showing no signs of slacking off after fourteen years together, the Super Furries are still turning out implausibly good psychedelic pop music some eight albums into their career. Early single 'Show Your Hand' was a good indicator of the sort of standard to be expected from the band's current phase:

Hey Venus! Here is the trackli Surely the best song title ever!

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The Gateway Song 0: Run-Away 2: Show Your Hand 2: The Gift That Keeps Giving 3: Neo Consumer 2: Into the Night 3:

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Do you embrace those comparisons? My father was into them when he was a kid so I listened to the records when I was growing up. I got into John Lennon after that naturally. It had a wine and porcini mushroom sauce. I can taste it now. I know!

"Carbon Dating" Lyrics

A's new album made me want to do crazy things. While I was listening to "Bird Flu", I was overcome by a sudden urge to strip down to my waist, cover myself in body paint and leap over a fire. Lead single "Jimmy" makes you feel as if you're in your own Bollywood movie, whilst "Mango Pickle Down River" features not only a didgeridoo but a bunch of aboriginal kids rapping over the top of it. This record is extremely impressive; if nothing else it's the best party album in recent memory. Trying to define Kala's sound is tricky: So, we'll call it a thoroughly enjoyable cocktail of the two.

"Carbon Dating" Lyrics

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Super Furry Animals - Carbon Dating @ NYE 2007
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