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Ruger had always been a fan of single-action revolvers. He liked the simplicity and reliability of the old Colt design, along with its graceful shape and the way it felt in the hand. The Colt Single Action Army had been out of production since , and the company had announced it was no longer going to be made. Timing, as they say, is everything. Bill Ruger saw that the time was right to create a new, up-to-date single-action for a waiting market. His idea was to make a rimfire six-shooter as a companion to his Standard to be known as the Single-Six.

Shooting History-Ruger 3 Screw-Old Gun Review

Pepper Spray. Cleaning Supplies. Shooting Supplies. Women's Wear. Hello, My Account Help? Scope Rings. Number of Reviews: Item Number: Review Average: Rosewood Dymondwood Grips are crafted from birch composite dyed to a rich rose burgundy color and include the Ruger medallion. Fits single action with or without lock, stainless and blued firearms.

This is a natural wood product, color of grain varies. One screw included. Made in the USA by Altamont. Product Reviews Click here to review this item. Ive been looking for a pair of grips for my Single-Six. I would have been happy to find a pair of rubber, black checkered grips, but I bought a set of these grips. They looked great and the thickness would hopefully give me a better purchase on the pistol.

However upon installing the grips I was disappointed in the fit. Im contemplating putting the Pachmayr grips back on which doesnt have the looks of these Dymondwood grips. Just put these on my. They fit perfectly and installed in seconds. The product quality and fit made up for the extra wait. Very happy with the purchase! I bought these grips for my new model single 6. Installation was very easy with a perfect fit and they look great. I dont think you can ask for more.

The grips they sent did not fit. The Rugar Reps. Ithink the wrong ones were in package. But this dose not matter at this point.. The way Shop Rugar is handling this forces me to strongly recomend not to order from them. The matter is still not resolved. Not only cant I recomend the grips. I cant recomend the rugar store. The rosewood dymondwood grips arrived today and fit perfectly.

The grips fit over the guide pins without any fitting. The grips are a bit thicker than the stock black plastic ones and fit my hand much better. They are a good enhancement to my Blackhawk. Bought these for my Lipsey New Model Blackhawk. However, the holes for the grip pin are drilled in the wrong spot. Really disappointed. Ill send them back with a letter explaining why they were sent back and request an exchange. But, Im probably spinning my wheels.

They look much better than the black grips on my single six. I did have to work the lower pin hole a bit larger with my knife and a little patience, to get a snug fit. That took about 20 minutes and they then fitted perfectly and look awesome. Really nice looking and the fit was perfect. These grips were unsatisfactory.

Neither side would fit into the guide pins and the bottom of one side was warped. Ruger need to improve quality control - the warp was obvious. They do look good. I dont like spending more money to return a defective part, even though they say the return shipping will be free, but Im sending them in to be replaced. I expecting the replacements will work.

Hope Ruger wont lose my return. I would give these a 5 star if they were a bit better in fit. They look wonderful and are finished very nicely. Are they custom fit grips? But ther are made by a company who has made many grips for decades. Installation is simple. The supplied long screw works as expected and being end threaded, shouldnt let you over tighten grips. My grips were very snug. Most ask whats the trick. If your grip is tilted or turned a little left or right, it wont work. I think this is where you hear someone say they snapped on.

Pushing hard while all points are not aligned. If you keep it flat, it slowly slides down into place. Make sure its all the way down before putting the screw in or you can crack them. You dont want the screw to pull them together. If you tap on the grip around pin and edges, it will snug on down. After I got the grips on, I did notice some overage and underage of the wood to frame.

The bottom is slightly angled compared to frame also. Just like it was turned clockwise on the mounting pin. The 90deg forward grip section is snug in that are with no light gap, so no counter rotation or room to do so. Could spend some time trimming and removing some fat, but most likely wont. Considering the black plastic grips could be seen through near the hammer and rotated on pin back and forth, these are a huge improvement. They are nice if they fit better.

Hard to imagine even someone who didnt like there job letting that go out. I think since these wood ones are made to their frame and all Rugers are fit slightly different, its amazing they fit this good. All in all Im impressed they fit nice and are snug. I can live with the slight off fit as long as they are tight. Im happy and they feel perfect in my hand. I have short fingers but bear paw hands. These allow a full grip and easy trigger reach. Just a bit thicker than the plastics but about same feel as my wood grips on other Blackhawks.

Fully function checked with no issues. I bought these for my 6. My gun was made in These grips fit perfectly right out of the package and feel very good in my hand. They are just a smidgen bit wider that the original grips and I like that. Very nice looking. The grips perfectly fit Blackhawk. You do need to pay attention to how they fit the frame or they wont go on. Screw seems to short, but it hasnt loosened during or after firing.

The checkering allows for a firm firing grip without being abrasive to the hands. The grips do not fit out of the box. They must be modified to fit, but it isnt difficult to do. However, for the price you probably shouldnt have to do that. Ordered a set for my Blackhawk, despite negative reviews.

The Ruger Single-Six is a single action rimfire revolver produced by Sturm, Ruger. The Single-Six was first released in June The Single-Six is currently produced as the New Model Single-Six. has been pulled. Ruger provides the transfer bar safety upgrade free of charge for owners of any old model Single-Six. and care for your RUGER® New Model Single-Action revolvers properly. Please .. CARRYING: Unlike “old model” single action revolvers, which should always be carried with the .. expiration date, and the 3-digit security code. All parts.

April 30, Over the next several months, we collaborated extensively with the management team to prepare the report and, along the way, identified three primary goals: On February 8, , we issued a page report, which is attached for your convenience. We believe the report achieves the goals noted above, and more.

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But, by the late s, double-action revolvers and semi-automatic pistols dominated the handgun market. In , the company made only SAAs, in it was , and in and production was and , respectively.

Two Ruger Single Six Revolvers -A) Ruger Old Model Super Single Six Revolver with Box B) Ruger Old

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Ruger Old Model Revolver Single Six

I have an older Ruger singlesix. I have no idea what year it is. It has stamped on the right side above the front of the trigger gaurd. I am just looking to get a ballpark value on it , if anyone has an idea it would be much appreciated. Ruger has a general list of the 's that have manuf. A little research goes a long way in investigating a firearm's value. You will be taken to a directory of firearm typs I have a Sturm Ruger Pistol.

Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. These are stunning grips with beautiful grain patterns, coloring, and the finest quality machining.

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Ruger .22 single six revolver

Last visit was: Sun May 05, Fri Nov 04, 2: Howdy Last week I picked up a nice three screw Single Six, the version with adjustable sights. I would like to determine when it was made. SN is XX. The next data point is SN in Nothing in between. Does anybody have some slightly more detailed information about when my 'new' Single Six was made? Years of Production: Fri Nov 04, 3:

Single Action Rosewood Dymondwood Grips

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Ruger .22 single six revolver

Forgot your password? Started by Surf Hunter , February 23, With my dads passing I was able to get a couple handguns I was taught to shoot with when I was very young. One is a Ruger Mark 1, it is the version with "Made in the th year of liberty" stamped on it. Very cool gun and I can't wait to shoot it again. I also got an old 3 screw Ruger Single Six in. I think I was 8 or 9 when I first fired this pistol.

Ruger's Light Weight Single-Six

Shooting History is the series where we take some old guns and, wait for it… shot them. You can check out our previous articles in this series here. If you have an idea for a gun we can cover here be sure to comment below and we will try to get a shooter. So this gun is not exactly old. But Ruger stopped making them in and they have become more and more collectable and valuable. The name 3 Screw is in reference to the 3 Screws on the side of the frame. The new models have 2 pins.

Classic Guns: The Ruger Blackhawk Revolver

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Welcome, Sign Out. The Single-Six is also a fun gun for plinking, and a great choice for teaching shooters the fundamentals of handgun shooting. Ruger's patented Transfer Bar mechanism provides a block between the hammer and firing pin until the hammer is fully cocked all the way to the rear and the trigger is pulled. With the hammer down over a loaded chamber, the Single-Six can be dropped directly on the hammer with no chance of the revolver firing—an important feature for a sidearm carried in rough country. The frame, cylinder, and barrel are constructed with corrosion resistant stainless steel for ease of maintenance in any environment. The Ruger Single-Six Convertible comes with 2 cylinders; one that is compatible for shooting.

Ruger Single Action - Fixing The Timing
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