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12 Country Songs Relating to Last Night’s Drunk Dials

FlourishAnyway believes there is a playlist for just about any situation and is on a mission to unite and entertain the world through song. Your parents may deny it, and your preacher may frown, but as much as today's entertainment and media tend to portray them as a modern cultural phenomenon, hookups have always been popular. Casual sexual encounters are.

One-night stands are an ever-popular topic in music. Make a playlist about pop, rock, and country songs about hookups, friends with benefits arrangements, and one-night stands. We won't judge. We have a long list to start you out. This ain't your mama's country. In this upbeat ditty, a man grows nostalgic about a hookup he had with a woman who left their hotel room with a memento—their hotel key. The couple spent a memorable night with their clothes strewn all over the floor, as they talked about their lives, danced, and discovered the location of hidden birthmarks and tattoos.

Then they never saw each other again. The man in this pop song is no stranger to one-night stands. The morning after his latest romp, he realizes that it's not love, yet he asks his temporary partner to stay and keep him company. Still feeling empty and in need of an emotional connection, he needs an understanding hand to hold. If you're no stranger to feeling isolated, there are many other songs about loneliness that may speak to you.

Who knows what the future holds for the two strangers in this pop song who have just spent the night together? The narrator swears he's not playing games or wasting the woman's time. He's open to the possibilities, from walking away to perhaps even developing a lasting relationship. While it's not impossible for hook-ups to transition into stable dating relationships, it does take communication regarding feelings and expectations. This was the first song by an all-black girl group to reach the number one spot on the Billboard Hot chart.

It describes a young woman who is facing a night of passion but has doubts whether promises spoken in the dark will represent the next morning's regrets. For good reason, this upbeat disco throwback tune was a worldwide hit and one of the best-selling songs of all time. Its energy is positively contagious. The couple in the song has instantly connected with one another, and the lovers feel a magnetic sexual attraction that lasts well into the next morning:.

She's up all night to the sun I'm up all night to get some She's up all night for good fun I'm up all night to get lucky. A hookup isn't the only way to feel lucky. There are many songs about luck and chance that can give you a feeling of positivity. A true staple of hard rock, this classic describes a man's thrilling sexual encounter. While music enthusiasts disagree over the exact meaning of the song, I'm among those who interpret it as describing a brief, humdinger of a tryst with a gorgeous woman.

Uh oh. Looks like this lover boy looks over and sees a woman in his bed, then freaks out about how he's gonna explain his relationship misstep. In this pop song, a guilty conscience is burning a hole in the cheating man's heart. He decides to confess his sins and blame his one-night stand on the night. Let's see how that goes over with the Mrs. How do you know when you need to get yourself to rehab? If you're the Hollywood type, it would be when Friday night partying means you black out, break the law, and max out the credit cards.

She's prepared to repeat her antics next weekend. Here are songs about alcohol and drug addiction and dependency to play for this gal on her way to rehab. Help her before she falls through the cracks. In this soft rock song, a despondent, life-weary man has been unsuccessfully searching for love. He approaches a woman who seems to similarly need affection. Although he knows their time together will be short-lived, he attempts to persuade her to jump in the sack and provide each other mutual comfort.

The narrator in this pop song from pop song is a young woman who felt used by a man she was attracted to. Her way of striking back is to become edgy, unpredictable, and independent—someone who doesn't have any human attachment or stability in her life:. I'm a wanderess I'm a one night stand Don't belong to no city Don't belong to no man I'm the violence in the pouring rain I'm a hurricane.

The song describes how the narrator, Ed, had a friends with benefits arrangement with Ellie, but their relationship became more emotional for him than it was for her. Ah, but that's the thing about friends with benefits. Things never stay casual. They get complicated and don't end well. When Ellie had a one-night stand with Niall—who was Ed's friend at the time— Ed saw the tryst as cheating. Her cold-hearted violation of trust and respect was like a knife to Ed's heart, and this song was his way of publicly rebuking her: What do you expect in a bar?

The lady in this song is hoping to find someone, start as friends, take it slow, and end up with a serious dating prospect. But the smart-alecky narrator is a jerk who is just looking for a quickie, nothing more. He makes his intentions known in this country ditty that he's just talking about tonight. There's something very bittersweet about an attraction that never materialized into the love affair you wanted. It represents unrealized potential.

The might've-beens can haunt you forever. In this pop song, a couple share a brief physical connection, and their relationship means more emotionally to the female narrator than to her partner. Now her heart is broken, and she's turned her back on him in an effort to forget. Behind closed doors at the Family Inn, there's a third-rate romance going down involving two horny strangers.

By sunrise, they'll do their walk of shame back to their respective homes. This humorous country tune portrays a couple meeting in a ritzy restaurant. The booze flows, and they don't need to apply much small talk because they knowing exactly what they want. While the woman claims she's never done this kinda thing before, her partner admits he's done so only a time or two, if you can believe that.

There's a dirty version of this Latin song, but we're going with the cleaner one. This is a sexy, very danceable number that describes a man's pickup pitch. This dude is extremely forward in his presentation, telling the woman he's attracted to that he knows she wants him and its totally mutual. In fact, the horny fella confidently informs her that tonight he's Then he proceeds to provide details. This guy is setting the groundwork for either a one-night stand or a major slap in the face.

In this steamy pop song, the narrator is somewhat intimidated by his partner for the night. He compares the beautiful and promiscuous woman to a showy, high-end, luxury car, one that's built well yet needs to be valued if it's going to last. They're both in it for the one-night stand, and although he has a good time, he expresses concern for her preference for casual sex: This rock song tells the story of a woman who is in love with her infertile husband.

Desperate to conceive, she picks up a young hitchhiker, takes him to a hotel, and has a night of passion with him. Years later, she and their love child run into the same stranger. When the man recognizes them, she launches into an awkard explanation for why she took advantage of him rather than pursue another option for having a baby with her husband.

There's something really creepy about this one. Some say he joined the MeToo movement. Blame another wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am on Jose Cuervo. This fun country song from features a woman who drank too much, got a little crazy on the dance floor, and ended up leaving the bar at 3 a. The problem was she didn't even know his last name, and when she woke up in Vegas with a ring on her hand, she wasn't sure of hers either.

Anonymous sex can sometimes have disastrous consequences, and this gut-wrenching country song from reminds us of the lifetime impact that one bad decision can have. Although wasn't quite the dark ages when it came to the disease, other music genres and Hollywood were significantly more vocal in addressing the controversial issue.

Now each day is one day that's left in her life She won't know love, have a marriage or sing lullabies She lays all alone and cries herself to sleep 'Cause she let a stranger kill her hopes and her dreams And all her friends say what a pity, what a loss And in the end when she was barely hangin' on All she could say is she thinks his name was John. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Bob - Thanks for the song suggestion which I have added. Several country stars have covered the song but it didn't have the same success. Have you considered "Chevy Van" by Sammy Johns? I remember when the song was out a DJ said it may have caused a spike in the sales of Chevy vans.

Michael - Thank you for these suggestions. I've added many of these songs. I appreciate you. Larry - I like your perspective. A relative worked in an STD testing clinic in the DC area and apparently it's a thing to hook up with random people in the dark at parties. Just imagine! My relative is a health professional who tested lots of people for all kinds of yuckies and listened to how they got them, often from casual encounters.

How hookup culture has infiltrated our music. Here are 11 songs that speak of the complicated scenarios that often come with supposed. Beyonce's Cognac-soaked "Drunk in Love" collab with husband Jay Z, Brantley Gilbert says Bottoms Up! The 15 Biggest Drinking Songs “Everybody (“ Errybody”?) in the club getting tipsy,” J-Kwon raps on the hook.

There were four songs charting on the Hot this spring that allude to either being tipsy from love or just flat out tossing back a brew for the heck of it. But this certainly isn't the first time musicians have gotten their drink on in song. And with intoxicating holidays like St. Patrick's Day and Cino de Mayo this season -- and let's not forget about the legions of college kids heading out for spring break -- it's a good time to look at the jams that age-appropriate revelers are likely to use to get the party started -- responsibly, of course!

Drinking songs and country music go together like, well

FlourishAnyway believes there is a playlist for just about any situation and is on a mission to unite and entertain the world through song. Your parents may deny it, and your preacher may frown, but as much as today's entertainment and media tend to portray them as a modern cultural phenomenon, hookups have always been popular. Casual sexual encounters are.

Drunk hook up songs

Fun fact about me: I love country music. Yes, that's right. I'm a second generation Persian-American, born and raised in San Francisco, and my favorite musical genre is country. Breaking stereotypes left and right.

11 Songs About Hookup Culture

Don't have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. New Year's Eve is a lot of fun. New Year's Day, however, can be rougher than a couple of bears in a truck stop restroom. Drinking and partying too much can lay waste to your to your day, but don't feel bad, everyone's been there from time to time. You're not the only one who has been bitten by the bar. Musicians basically invented the hangover, so we've turned to the music industry for some solidarity on this Saturday morning. Here are some odes to hang overs, toilet hugging, one night stands and that rough morning after. Atmosphere's Slug has the hangover to end all hangovers.

Drunk hook up songs Reveling with oiled-up male troubadours - Different for girls lyrics ft elle king Click here for today's hot deal Bottoms up!

Thanks to online streaming, we can listen to any song, ever made, at the touch of finger, and music powerhouse Spotify can deliver it directly into your ears. Being such a huge force in the music industry, Spotify has some extremely valuable insight into our listening habits, including the top songs that users are adding to their themed playlists. If you haven't checked out their top workout songs, we suggest you download this list ASAP to boost your next gym session to epic levels. The streaming service has now revealed the top songs users are listening to when making love.

The 20 Best Drinking Songs

In a world where Tinder has infiltrated the dating scene on college campuses and beyond, it's no wonder that hookup culture has made its way into popular music. Hookup culture is a purposefully vague term, and can range from anything from a kiss to a one-night-stand to a friends with benefits type of relationship; in other words, it's solely focused on physical intimacy in lieu of an emotional relationship or any sort of long-term commitment. Here are 11 songs that speak of the complicated scenarios that often come with supposed emotionless physical relations. This heartbreaking song is about a woman who has been sexually abused and engages in a lot of noncommittal sexual relations she isn't satisfied with, and tries to make sense of them by writing about her experiences. Almost anything by The Weeknd Abel Tesfaye is going to be about hookups and drugs, but this song is one of the biggest offenders. It's about an intense one night stand with a whole lot of women. Typically, The Weeknd brags about how often he engages in such encounters hint: This song is the epitome of alcohol filled, male-dominated and pursued one night stands. Joe Jonas's band has a thing for intimate relations, and this song is no exception. About a series of hookups with a woman that are slowly becoming a sort of relationship, Jonas croons that his lover can "keep a toothbrush at his place" and not keep their relationship so secretive. After hooking up with a close friend one night while stranded, Matthews sings that they will have to go back to reality and pretend that the night never happened, especially since they are both involved with other people. Believed to be about Ellie Goulding, Sheeran sings about his experience in a friends with benefits situation gone wrong when she decides to hookup with someone else one night while they stay on the same floor of a hotel.

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Posted By Country Cadre on Mar 27, Country music undoubtedly has some of the best love songs. But somewhere in that mix of love songs, one could actually mistake a booty call tune for an actual love song. Here is a list of some for-sure-booty-call songs you may not want to dedicate to your significant other showing them how much they mean to you. Or maybe you do. Who am I to say? This is a drop everything kind of thing.

11 Songs About Hookup Culture

I have lived my entire sexual life as someone who knows basically nothing about the best songs to play during sex. I lost my virginity to the decidedly unsensual ska-punk sounds of Operation Ivy; and after a series of boyfriends who liked to bump uglies to the less-than-erotic music of Pearl Jam or the Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle soundtrack, I kind of gave up on the whole sex music thing. I got into running a box fan as white noise to try to keep my roommates from hearing me bone, and I dismissed the pursuit of the perfect sex song as a hopeless endeavor. But recently, I've realized that I was a bit too hasty in my dismissal. You can't give up on riding a bike just because you fall down a few times, and you can't give up on sex music just because a guy from Ok Cupid once actually expected you to blow him to Bob Marley's Legend. And so, I decided to give the world of sex music a second chance. But after wading through dozens of articles recommending that I get it on to "Let's Get It On," I realized that if I actually wanted to find out what music was decent to bang to, I had to speak to the actual people banging to music.

The 22 Best Sex Songs For People Who Don't Just Want To Go With The Obvious

Writer s: She don't throw any T-shirt on an walk to a bar, She don't text her friends and say, I gotta get laid tonight, she don't say it's okay, I never loved him anyway. She don't scroll threw her phone just looking for a band-aid, It's different for girls when their hearts get broke they can't tape it back together with a whiskey and coke, they don't take someone home and act like its nothin', They can't just switch it off everytime they feel somethin', A guy gets drunk with his friends and he might hook up, Fast forward thew the pain pushing 'em back when the tears come up, but it's different for girls. She don't sleep all day and leave the house a wreck, she don't have the luxury to let herself go, She won't call just to cuss, find a wall she could punch, yeah when the going gets tough yeah the guys they can just act tough,. It's different for girls. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. What does this song mean to you? Tour Stop:

Bottoms Up! The 15 Biggest Drinking Songs

But long before the duo merged sexuality with spirituality — actually, before they were even born — Conway Twitty was being more blatant about it, singing about exploring a woman's body, while Dolly Parton flat-out asked, "Could I use you for a while? The memories, at least, will last a lifetime. For those poor guys who just can't quite satisfy their ladies, there's always George Strait. In this hootenanny, King George cast himself as the hot-blooded lover who sweeps in to "put out old flames. Which is what makes "The Fireman" such a four-alarm blaze.

What follows next, however, is a tsunami of drinking songs and male hormones that the thirty four year old Lane probably thinks are a set of fun, party songs designed to appeal to millennials and the young-at-heart for that, read — immature but for me, as the father of a fifteen year old daughter, at best, leaves me cold and at worst, causes me to worry about some of the messages Lane is sending to the male youth of America. Is Lane seriously trying to tell us that this drunk, sad, lonely girl just needs a hero to bang her and her life will all be ok? Is this the message we are telling boys in , that preying on a drunk girl in a nightclub is heroic!?? In it, Lane sings about his feelings for his true love but does so in such a way that relegates women to little more than passive trophies in his narcissistic adventures. Maybe if Lane had released this album in or at the height of the Bro-Country movement it might have seemed less offensive but times have changed since then and we are now listening to Maren Morris, Lindsay Ell, Jillian Jacqueline and Ashley McBryde.

Beyoncé - Drunk in Love (Explicit) ft. JAY Z
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