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I registered for only 3 months. There are very few men 60 on the East Coast, which is where I live. There was no way I could have known this. The guys there often pose sideways, as if they cannot even smile for one picture. Men are mostly on the West Coast, SouthWest corridor, few over hear. I never heard from any of the men who live overseas.

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I registered for only 3 months. There are very few men 60 on the East Coast, which is where I live. There was no way I could have known this. The guys there often pose sideways, as if they cannot even smile for one picture. Men are mostly on the West Coast, SouthWest corridor, few over hear. I never heard from any of the men who live overseas.

I joined Spiritual Singles a few months ago and have been having a very good experience. The members are conscious and open minded. I've met several women so far and am now dating someone exclusively, so we'll see if it works--definitely going in the right direction. As for the site itself, I think it's the best one out there. The pool of members is very focused on spirituality conscious, mindful, metaphysical I didn't have to weed through a bunch of profiles of women who I didn't have anything in common with.

I was surprised that members can even create and answer their own essay questions. I've never seen that before. Oh, and upload a video of themselves--love that. I found that being able to save and name different searches extremely helpful so I could go back and check them anytime. Being a vegan, I usually searched for vegans, but I also saved a search for vegetarian women who are friendly and were willing to relocate--that's how specific you can get if you want.

Very cool! Anyway, there are many more great features and the pool is warm and welcoming, so I recommend diving in! I had to write a review of this site, as I met my husband on it a little over 2 years ago. We dated for a year and then got married September 10, on the beach in Encinitas. First off, the site is fabulous. When I joined I felt the difference compared to the few mainstream sites that I had tried and had gotten frustrated with because I had not been meeting anyone who I would consider to be "conscious" and "awake" spiritually.

I was looking for someone who really got me and understood what it meant to have spirituality not religion as a high priority in their life too. When I joined Spiritual Singles, I felt like I was coming home and that were a lot of quality members on the site. It was so refreshing! I felt very accepted and non-judgmental energy around the site in general and from the men I was in contact with. I even had some email correspondence with the owner, Jill, which I could never imagine doing on a big, mainstream site!

I could tell that she really cares about her members and that she wants everyone to have a good experience on the site. I didn't come into contact with any scammers or see any fake profiles like I did on the other sites I tried either, so they musts work hard to keep the site clean. Creating my profile was my first clue as to how different this dating site was.

I had not seen this kind of detail on the mainstream sites. The essay questions were like a soul-searching exercise that really helped me get clear on exactly what I was looking for and what was important to me. The Match Questions offered even more detail and clarity and once completed gave me a match percentage with men who had also answered those questions. These questions went deep into spirituality, eco-consciousness, ethics, lifestyle, dating and some other categories I don't remember, but was super impressed.

There were lots of great men to connect with and I immediately started emailing with several. Some were local I live in San Diego and some were long distance, but I was open to meeting someone who lived anywhere, because, who knows where my soul mate might live. Turned out he was in the Bay Area San Francisco. Tom had sent me an email first and when I read his profile, I thought, wow, we have so much in common, and I felt really drawn to him, like an old soul buddy.

We emailed back and forth for a bit and then started talking on the phone. After a few weeks, of talking, sometimes for hours at a time, he flew down to San Diego and we spent a weekend together. In person was even better. Everything felt so synchronistic, like the universe had orchestrated this for us. Tom's business is mainly online, so he was flexible with where he could live, and so he ended up moving to San Diego about 4 months after that first weekend. It's been an amazing, beautiful experience and I couldn't be happier about meeting the man I feel like I've waiting my entire life to meet.

Anyway, I could go on and on about how great the site is, but bottom line, I am married because of it! I am eternally grateful and would recommend that anyone who is seriously looking for a conscious relationship join Spiritual Singles and go for it. And, PS, I met some lovely friends along the way, too, which was a nice surprise. The website runs with basic errors, the messenger does not work and staff working there are not responsive enough to be a professional site.

Their moderation policy is subjective and not balanced. You would expect a website to be non-judgemental rather than form opinions. This is just basic professionalism. First thing to know is this site is part of the Conscious Dating Network pool. They do explain that up front if you want to read it so its hard to hold it against them. It basically groups a bunch of niche sites together. Even though this may seem contrary to the whole idea of signing up for a niche site, believe me its necessary.

There just arent enough people on each individual site in any area to make them work separately. And thats hardly the owners fault. If anything, I think they were smart to evolve. And the other sites are similar in that they are people not being shallow - lots of vegetarian and earth conscious people in addition to the spiritual and they all tend to have some sort of spiritual belief even if not the main focus. I really like the profile section - there is plenty of room to really elaborate and not be limited by a few hundred characters if you want to put more.

There are decent bonus questions as well and the options to change or remove or hide your answers are helpful. As far as people - you will need to have a bit wider range than a larger site. I have had more profile views than I have had on eHarmony with a similar response rate. But again, a much smaller pool which is both good and bad. But the people you meet are also looking for a stronger connection so the further distance is not necessarily as damning as on other sites.

Lots of International - but if you are looking to just chat with a few distant people in the meantime they are typically all open to it. The main reason I like this network of sites though is the lack of scammers and fake accounts. I have had zero issue here and its worth the smaller pool in a way to not have it being infested with parasites you need to sort through. They might exist, but I have not come across any myself that I know of.

As far as matches and searches - same problems as everywhere. Inactive accounts. Outside parameters. No worse, but no better. All in all, if you are in any way focused on spirituality, earth, dietary preference, any sexual preference including poly etc. It doesn't feel like a scam anyway and that alone is refreshing. I forgot to add that this site DOES have an activity feature. I have seen "last few days" which applies to someone who just logged off as well; "last month"; "last 3 months"; "last 6 months" and "last year".

As with all, the first one is really what you want but still, its nice that they are not afraid to have this and you have a decent idea of how much time you might be wasting by reaching out to someone. People who run it are sick, twisted bigots. They claim they are into Spirituality but some of the people on there are clearly not spiritual. They are not as tolerate as they make themselves out to be. They ask you way to many personal questions just to get a date on the profile set up.

I encourage others to not put too much info out there on these dates sites about yourself. If someone hakes they can still your identity and guess what? You posted your pic and when you sign up they want you to give them your real name, now a hanker know all about you. With any date site do not give your real name and only put out there very little info about yourself.

Do not fall for this people. Do not pay to get a date! They look like they accept all people but how many people have been discriminated against? Not, just by the site but some of the people on just might discriminate you. Yes, they do have an anti scammer policy only if you do not fit their physical looks, now that is bigotry! I did write the owner. She wrote back the first time. The second time, no answer.

Both were legitimate questions. Spiritual Singles reviews. Write a Review Ask a Question Share. Zuni , VA , US webmaster spiritualsingles.

If you're spiritually-minded, this is the best online dating site for you. Gay, polyamorous and all open-minded spiritual singles welcome. Here's how it works . Jan 19, mondiauxpiste-france2015.com, while not strictly for spiritual singles, has more users and is more reputable than any other dating site. You have numerous ways to.

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If you consider yourself spiritual and are in a room with strangers, almost half of them also consider themselves spiritual. Match also allows you to browse profiles on your own by commonalities.

Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy have changed. We think you'll like them better this way.

A Scientology dating site? Really?

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Finally, Mindful Living meets Online Dating.

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A sassy blogger at Jezebel wrote about it yesterday. You can imagine how our ears perked up upon reading the headline: Bizarre dating sites you didn't know existed. Although the site is not overtly "for Scientologists," its "spiritual" nature suggests that it could be.

Meeting spiritual singles: is it time to find your soulmate?

All Rights Reserved. The site for singles looking for other singles who hold spirituality in high regards. A purposely holistic, spiritually-focused dating site , Spiritual Singles is a niche dating site loaded with an impressive amount of features and matching capabilities. The site highlights spiritual thinking with basic profile fields related to spirituality, diet, and eco-friendliness. It goes on to match you based on your beliefs, which you input by filling out your profile fully, answering Match. You can also learn more about yourself and your compatibility with others through various astrology reports. Beyond astrology reports, the dating site makes it easy to see how well you match with others on different levels and regarding a variety of topics such as sexuality, lifestyle, and personality. Visitors spend a lengthy average of With 17 years of experience backing the site, Spiritual Singles does seem to have perfected a route to finding love based on similar beliefs, values, and conscious lifestyle choices. The site has a plethora of compatibility ratings and match features that makes it easy to see how, and in what ways you match with each and every person on the site. Well thought-out features such as a quick messages with generic greetings, the ability to upload videos, and astrology reports are simply bonuses on top of an already stellar online dating platform.

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The previous owner passed away many years ago after joining the Conscious Dating Network as a privately labeled site see below. CDN now owns and markets Conscious Singles and has for many years. In , we launched a sister site, PlanetEarthSingles. All of our dating sites, including our "green" sites share the same, large database of members, and members only need to join one site to have access to all members from all sites. In the previous owners were ready to retire and wanted their "baby" to be adopted by a company that would take great care of their members.

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Jump to navigation. If you're one of the thousands of spiritual singles looking for love in Canada, you'll know it isn't always easy to meet single men and single women who share your take on life. After all, it can be tricky enough to meet fellow singles who want long-term love, let alone singles who are looking for commitment and a spiritual, mindful connection. Yet, if you want to share your life with someone who can appreciate your particular belief, drive, and values it's important not to give up and to instead get smarter about meeting Canadians on your wavelength. That's where a premium dating site like EliteSingles can help.

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The feeling of love has ruled the humanity for hundreds of years, numerous acts of bravery were done for the sake of this beautiful and overwhelming feeling. Love is the greatest thing that may happen in life of the person. It makes us feel inspired, happy and it gives us strength to move forwards and reach out for our aims. This feeling should be mutual and make both partners happy. Singles from all over the world join dating sites like cupid. The important thing for any kind of relationships is to accept people as they are. There are things like beliefs and points of view that are a part of your nature and cannot be sacrificed, you either accept the person the way he or she is, or you just never be together.

Photo by Stocksy. Today, people use the word "mindful" to describe a host of behaviors—work, eating, communication, and more. It tends to be shorthand to describe the "deliberate act of paying attention to the present moment, without judgment. While mindfulness has gained traction as a trend, most of us are more familiar with what it feels like to be mindless. If you've ever opened a bag of chips only to realize they're gone five minutes later, you know what mindlessness is. It's being on autopilot. Melli O'Brien, one of Australia's top mindfulness experts, has said,.

Successful relationships are based on shared values. Disagreement is of course healthy, but holding opinions that sit at the complete opposite end of the spectrum is going to make for a bumpy ride. I know two married couples where one partner went vegan while the other remained a meat eater. Not only does this cause tension, but where kids are involved it can get pretty difficult:. Okay, enough of the horrible visuals already. But really, the reality is that single vegans should look to date vegan, or at least vegetarian — if, that is, they don't want to run into the aforementioned issues later down the line.

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