Celebrities use dating sites

Celebrities use dating sites

By Dana Schuster. He met the woman at her million-dollar NYC apartment, paid for by her father who, she happened to mention, had recently flown one of the presidential candidates on his private plane. Names have been changed to protect dating viability and Raya membership. And incredibly exclusive.

There Really Is A Celebrity Dating App — Here's Who's On It

If you've ever felt weird about swiping right, have no fear: Yes, it's true. More celebrities than you'd think have taken to their phones in the pursuit of love or simply a casual hookup, this is a no judgment zone here! Dating woes don't escape celebrities simply because they're famous, and that's actually so refreshing to hear.

It's funny to think about I mean, can you picture Hilary Duff sitting around with her friends talking about some weird guy she had a Tinder date with over margaritas? It's easy to think that celebrities are somehow immune to "normal" experiences, such as awkward dating moments and hideously bad first impressions, but it's true: Celebrities play the field just like any of us do, and the only difference is that they run the risk of appearing on TMZ when exiting the restaurant after their date.

It makes sense why they might try swipin' for love — dating someone in the entertainment industry obviously garners lots of attention and its own unique set of woes — so here are some celebs who have been open about their experiences with online dating apps. Duff is perhaps one of the most outspoken celebs when it comes to her use of Tinder. In , she admitted she was "talking to about nine different guys" on the app, saying it started as a casual curiosity. She said that it was "wildly addicting," but added, "I have my first date tonight and I'm really, really nervous.

You only have your first name. Some people don't know. I think some people act like they don't know but they do. And a lot of people are like, 'This is a joke, right? OK, so I can't confirm if the pop princess has actually used an app to find romance, but I do know that she has a Tinder account , thanks to Jimmy Fallon. Shortly after splitting from then-boyfriend David Lucado in , the late night host was kind enough to create an account for Spears, adding, "She's recently single, she sings good jingles, she loves her Pringles and she's ready to mingle.

Your next connection could be with the biggest pop star ever. Dare to dream, guys. Rousey's fame has skyrocketed just as quickly as her fighting career, but there was definitely a moment where she wished she was less famous. Why, you might ask? Well, so she could use Tinder, of course! In , Sports Illustrated reported that Rousey tried using an alter ego on Tinder, but it didn't work.

While she struggled to find success on the app, it seems like Rousey's dating woes have disappeared — she's been in a relationship with fellow MMA fighter Travis Browne for several months. No word on if they met on Tinder, though. Perry seems to be cozying up to Orlando Bloom these days, but the pop star once attempted to look for romance on Tinder.

She quipped, "Uh, yes I am, hello," before adding, "I'm really deep on Tinder so I don't have a whole lot of time. She said,. I'm a bit puzzled by this, but it seems like she's super happy with Bloom, so I guess it doesn't matter anymore. The funny lady isn't shy about much in her life, so her candor when discussing her love life shouldn't come as too much of a surprise.

When discussing the matter on her former E! So, Lohan hasn't admitted openly that she's actually on Tinder, but she pretty much outed herself when she posted a screenshot of her brother Michael on the app. She'd have to have an account to browse other users, so it's safe to say that Lohan has used Tinder at one point or another. It seems she's found love with year-old Russian heir Egor Tarabasov , but it's unclear if the couple met by swiping right on each other.

The Bravo executive has no qualms about admitting his love for Tinder. He told People in , "I have no shame in my game. I'm there, I'm swiping. I like it. It's fun. You know, it's to me: Where am I going to meet an architect who lives in Brooklyn besides Tinder at this point? It's the modern-day singles bar. The Modern Family actor discussed the woes of meeting someone as a famous person in an interview with Howard Stern in He said,. He repeatedly praised the app in the interview, and said he loves using it.

So there you have it. The supermodel loves Tinder so much, she teamed up with the popular app to star in a campaign for them. After splitting from boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio in , she starred in an ad for Tinder's "Super Like" feature , and said in a statement,. Though he didn't find eternal love on The Bachelor , Flajnik had much better success on Tinder. He told The Huffington Post , "I found [love] on a dating app.

Just swipe right, swipe right. Flajnik met girlfriend Stephanie Winn on Tinder. Nowadays, Groban seems to be happily coupled up with actor Kat Dennings , but there was a time back in when he wasn't feeling so great about his romantic prospects, apparently. Groban tweeted, with no explanation or further insight:. No word on if he followed through, but he seems very happy in his current relationship, so all's well that ends well, right?

The Patriots player had plenty of good tips to offer people afraid of testing the Tinder waters , but admitted he hit his fair share of roadblocks. It was fun, though! I was writing messages. We were all laughing, it was during training camp, we all needed a good laugh. We had a blast! Type in 'pickup lines on Tinder' and use those lines. Cook used his signature raunchy brand of humor to admit that he doesn't actually care for Tinder , though he is on the app.

In an interview with LaughSpin in , he said,. So, for all of you Tinder users out there, you never know who you may come across when you're casually swiping through. Exciting, right? By Arielle Tschinkel. Hilary Duff.

Apr 9, Here is a list of the top 10 celebrity dating sites & apps in the world. As a celebrity dating website for the rich and their admirers, MillionaireMatch before you can join Raya, i.e. someone you know is already using Raya. Social Media Celebrities You Could Actually Meet on Tinder Well after some snooping, we've put together what may be our most sought after list ever: a collection of celebrities who use Tinder. There are a The Best Places to Meet Women.

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Skip navigation! Story from Pop Culture. This is news that shouldn't surprise us in the least, and yet we can't look away.

Inside the Secret Dating App for Famous People

If you've ever felt weird about swiping right, have no fear: Yes, it's true. More celebrities than you'd think have taken to their phones in the pursuit of love or simply a casual hookup, this is a no judgment zone here! Dating woes don't escape celebrities simply because they're famous, and that's actually so refreshing to hear. It's funny to think about I mean, can you picture Hilary Duff sitting around with her friends talking about some weird guy she had a Tinder date with over margaritas?

13 Famous People Who You Could Actually Meet on Dating Apps

The first profile I saw on the dating app Raya was Patrick, He had sandy-brown hair, wide-set blue eyes, and a pet monkey. In the photo, the animal perched on his shoulder, wearing a onesie and stroking his hair. Would you like to see more? I pressed a play button and my iPhone filled with a Patrick montage set to music. In fact, it was something in-between. Raya, meanwhile, operates quietly. Since it launched in March, it has stayed totally out of the press. The people that gravitate to this are diverse, but also, generally, more internet famous than their counterparts on other dating services. During my three weeks on Raya, I saw pro skateboarders and Sports Illustrated swimsuit models, Dancing With the Stars professional dancers, a YouTube beauty guru, the designer of a streetwear brand popularized by Kanye West , a teen celebrity chef, and Moby.

So, who's swiping right

Lookalikes and the desktop version of the biggest stars are about to find https: Want to smell the first online dating ai allows you to meet jewish singles. So why not always recommend using the second.

The private dating app C-list celebrities use to find love

Since the birth of the smart phone, dating apps have completely changed the way we meet and interact with potential suitors. Long are the days of encountering a meet-cute at a coffeeshop. Ahead, take a look at 13 big-name stars who you could meet on dating apps. Click through and start swiping. The singer, who has been open about her gender-fluid sexuality, used Raya, an exclusive dating app for celebrities and other influential people, to meet men and women, and dabble in casual sex, something she's a huge proponent of. She also admitted that she has a thing for athletes. So whether that's through a male or a female, it doesn't matter to me. In , Hilary Duff was all about the Tinder scene. In a radio interview , the actress revealed that she's a Tinder user and was talking to nine guys at the same time. Duff's Tinder journey began on a random night with some friends who encouraged her to download to the app to experience dating outside of just "serious relationships.

Inside Raya, the Online Dating App of the Rich and Famous

Celebrity dating sites give successful single millionaires around the world an opportunity to find partners of their choice and get into relationships that meet their needs. Millionaire Match is a celebrity dating site which boasts an elite clientele of the attractive and rich. It was founded in , so it has been around for more than 15 years. It is a high-quality dating site with wealthy and verified users. The screening process is very strict, which helps keep away fake profiles and escorts. The design of the website is attractive and classy.

So, here are some celebs you might just innocently stumble across tonight on your favourite dating apps…. I was sitting with my friends one night at the house and we were joking around. In my life, I have always had really serious boyfriends. Hilary added: I think some people know.

What the app looks like. If you've ever dreamed about swiping through Tinder and finding your favorite celebrity, you may just be in luck sort of. A new app called Dating AI allows you to search through dating apps to find people that look just like the celebrity of your choice. You can then view their profile and see if you could really be as compatible as you might hope you and your favorite A-lister would be. It's a really strange concept, which is exactly why I had to try it for myself.

Do celebrities use dating apps Who view their real names of According to someone. It all. You can you can quickly became known as their partners? It launched in this dating apps like they had been using lip fillers again. I think some stars have found love. Dating apps, too and grindr and more stars haven't had a notification that got engaged to say after three month.

Bumble is a dating app similar to Tinder, where daters can upload a small profile of pictures and swipe through potential suitors. Daters can swipe right to 'like' a profile and left to reject it, two people who have "liked" each others profiles are deemed a match. But the catch with Bumble is that only the female can make the first move and has to send the first message. And if there is no message sent between the pair 24 hours after pairing up, the match is lost so speed is the name of the game! The app is believed to have over Over million matches have been made on the app and it is claimed it is responsible for 5, weddings and engagements.

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