Dating ruger m77

Log in or Sign up. Oct 1, Messages: As shooting is an important attribute of both a hunter and a guide, marksmanship and speed and dexterity of handling and reloading a rifle under great stress are fully tested with quite high grades required to pass. Consequently a fair amount of time at the Rifa refresher course is set aside to riflemanship. Most of the hunters have grown up with firearms, but a great many of the guides have simply grown up in the bush and the only hunting they may have done before commencing with their apprenticeships has been with spear or bow.


FWIW Factory rifle have twist to match factory ammo. According to the manufacturers, handloading voids the warrantee and absolves them of fault. Imagine the lawyer question: So, you installed a barrel with a twist designed for heavier bullets which you KNOW raises pressures, all other variables equal? You installed a barrel made for ammo you don't make and is not accepted as 'standard' in the business? It would be indefensible unless put in a 40X with disclaimers.

There have been some really odd 40X built. Originally Posted by dmsbandit. Last edited by Rangr44; at Originally Posted by Rangr Last edited by dmsbandit; at Remove Advertisements. Early rifles marked. The 6mm Remington was introduced in in the M with a twist rate. All according to John F. Lacy's 'official' 25 year history of the Model I have all dates and twist rates for Remington M and 40X if anybody wants it.

I had three of them that I turned into. The twist rate on the 6. Submoa likes this. Last edited by JBelk; at Originally Posted by Cheezywan. No intention to drift the thread the wrong direction really. As an owner of a rifle chambered 6mm Remington, I think grains is sorta suggesting a need to move up in caliber. I've used grainers in mine 1: Not used for game here though.

Mine gets used for hides and vermin with 80 or lighter bullets. It really is a good cartridge. Lots of handloads "sing" in mine. Have not tried a factory cartridge in decades, so I won't speak to that. JBelk likes this. Originally Posted by JBelk. FWIW the 6mmm Remington originally had a 'magnum' on the end. A few rifles were marked that way but all had the 'magnum' xxxxx out.

Ammo was packaged in '6mm Remington Magnum' labeling but the cases were never marked with the 'magnum'. I have a box of 6mm Rem Mag ammo. It was the Texans that made the. When it became clear they needed a hundred grain bullet, they tightened the twist. If suddenly the became a long range favorite and big rifles were being built for that purpose, you'd see something besides in what is still a varmint rifle and 'should be' shooting 55 gr.

Originally Posted by Easternhunter. In the early '60s, "Magnum" still meant a big bottle of champagne. The belted case had not been 'designated' as 'magnum' yet, it was just a word that meant bigger. NO doubt Remington thought the addition of the word might change abysmal sales of the. Not to say other manufacturers don't goof up occasionally but Remington seems to have a knack for porking the pooch. Can think of an instance where the name of a chambering was changed three times.

Talk about public confusion. Getting wrong twist rates almost is a habit with them. Jumping on a wildcat decades after its introduction and hanging the Rem name on it. Building rifles for high intensity cartridges and hanging a short tube on 'em. I love the fact they introduce the latest and greatest and ten years later it's a fadding memory.

NRA Endowment Member. If you can imagine a bunch of 'typical sportsmen' given a ball cap and a questionnaire and asked a group of multiple choice questions of NO importance at all, you get the picture. Their 'polling' showed shooters liked the wide Remington shoe better than the narrow and sharp M It's just one good example of engineering idiocy associated with gun design. Remington seems to have gone with the "more shelf space the better" business model much like Coke did with 'New Coke'.

By bringing out new models three times a year, even if just renamed, they force their dealers to devote more rack space to Remington guns. It worked great for about 50 years. Since any defects were simply denied, there was no slowing down the train of new models using old parts. I agree very mucho. Point was, the six was just running out of stuff. Still might get something to work though? Round nose or flat nose or something short might work in someones rifle?

Trying to add help. I realize that the major manufactures put out hundreds of barrels a day, but you would think that they would recognize that buyers of 6 MM or 6. Apologies for dredging up an old discussion, I found it when googling info for Ruger M77 6mm barrel twist. Since there wasnt a definitive consensus, I went ahead and checked the barrel I have. I have no idea what age the barrel is, it has the warnings.

I got it to put on a gun I had with a bad barrel. Will have to see how it shoots when its done. Its a standard sporter weight, 22". Its intended purpose is longer distance plinking and be friendly to my gimpy shoulder and back. Looking forward to being able to shoot it some. I'm not sure anyone makes bullets with similar BC in that a 6mm gr would be, though thats just a guess without looking. It would be heavier if the same BC.

Originally Posted by malamute. Originally Posted by King4. It's marked 6mm rem. Will it be able to stabilize the heavier grain bullets? Rate This Thread: Excellent 4: Good 3: Average 2: Bad 1: BB code is On. Smilies are On. Trackbacks are On. Pingbacks are On. Refbacks are On. Forum Rules. All times are GMT The time now is Privacy Policy. Ruger m77 6mm rem tang safety twist rate. User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. Page 2 of 2. Thread Tools. Rate Thread.

M77 Mark II Rifle (including Frontier Models) Caliber: Ruger, Rem, 22PPC, , , Swift, 6mm Rem, 6mm PPC, 65x55mm, , / Ruger Rifles Serial Numbers by Year for Ruger Rifles thru M77, , , , , , , ,

FWIW Factory rifle have twist to match factory ammo. According to the manufacturers, handloading voids the warrantee and absolves them of fault. Imagine the lawyer question: So, you installed a barrel with a twist designed for heavier bullets which you KNOW raises pressures, all other variables equal? You installed a barrel made for ammo you don't make and is not accepted as 'standard' in the business?

The concept of a.

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How old is this M77

This is a discussion on Years of production for various calibers? Does Ruger have a resource page on their website for this sort of info? Years of production for various calibers? User Name Remember Me? March 22nd, , What years were the Jeffery and Winchester produced?

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How to search for your firearm or gun date of creation or manufacture via it's serial number. There is unfortunately no one stop shop for this task but hopefully with the help of this lense you will be able to find your firearm by manufacturer below and follow their link in order to track your weapon. Use the links below and please have your model and serial number handy so you can provide it on the corresponding pages in order to find out when your gun was made.

Rifle Lessons Learned from the Zimbabwe Professional Hunter Proficiency Exam

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Years of production for various calibers?

Read More. Comes presented in its leather case. A pre-owned right-hand example of a beautiful small calibre English gun. Very pretty with a nicely-figured walnut stock, this lightweight. It still retains much of its original colour-hardening and is in fantastic condition. It still retains some of its original colour-hardening and is in good condition. Honest yet attractive, it would be ideal for newcomers or seasoned shooters who need a solid worker.

M77 Mfr Dates by Serial #'s??

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When Was My Gun Made? Firearm Dates by Serial Number

Print Thread. Just picked up a tang safety , red pad gun that has serial number starting the gun is in good cosmetic shape but as of yet I havent been to range with it. I remember reading on here something about some of these having barrels that maybe had accuracy issues. Any one know the year of manufacture or how I can tell? My youngest son has one like it that starts serial number and its a fine shooter. Here's a link to Ruger M77 serial numbers which should narrow the manufacture date down. Hopefully that was useful information to you sir, good luck with your new rifle and all the best to you for the remainder of the summer.

That is a New Model single Six from Serial number age for the different Ruger revolvers can be found on Rugers website. What is the age of a ruger m77 with serial number ? If the Ruger website will work for you, it has sn data published on line. What is the value of a ruger m77 express magnum in ? With express sights if you are talking about the Ruger express RSM meant ring scope mount.

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"The Ruger M77 Hawkeye: Underwhelming" by Nutnfancy
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