Dating someone with seasonal affective disorder

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Seasonal Depression

People with mental illnesses are crazy and unpredictable. These are all misconceptions about dating and mental illness that need debunking. Major depressive disorder is the leading cause of disability in the United States for people aged 15 to 44, affecting 6. Dating a depressed person can be challenging for all sorts of reasons. However, if you choose to date someone with depression, educating yourself about their condition is key to making the relationship work. Here are three key things you should know about dating someone with depression:.

Secondly, every person you meet with depression will be at a different point in their recovery. Some may have just been diagnosed; others will have been living with the condition for years. As such, every experience of dating someone with depression will be different. Rather, it is a medical disorder that occurs due to a complex mix of chemical, genetic and environmental factors. Your partner's illness may cause them to withdraw from you at times or become irritable.

This doesn't mean you've done anything wrong — it may just be symptomatic of your partner's condition. Again, communication is essential here. Tell your partner how you feel without making them feel bad. If you need to blame someone, blame depression. Couples who present a united front rather than turning their frustrations on one another are more likely to succeed long-term. Try to resist minimizing your partner's emotions, even in your mind, by saying "Oh that's just the depression talking.

You can provide comfort and compassion without always having to put a label on their feelings. Whether you're dating a man with depression, a woman with bipolar depression or a person with no mental health history whatsoever, relationships can be tough. Communication, compassion and non-judgment are vital to making a partnership work, with or without depression. If you're ever concerned about your partner's mental state, or you fear they might be suicidal, you should contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or call the emergency services.

Medically reviewed by Harry Croft, MD. All Rights Reserved. Dating Someone with Depression: Is That a Good Idea? Emma-Marie Smith. Here are three key things you should know about dating someone with depression: Firstly, there are many different types of depression, such as: Major depressive disorder Persistent depressive disorder Bipolar depression Psychotic depression Seasonal affective disorder SAD Premenstrual dysmorphic disorder Situational depression Atypical depression Peripartum depression depression during or after pregnancy Secondly, every person you meet with depression will be at a different point in their recovery.

The Final Word on Dating Someone with Depression Whether you're dating a man with depression, a woman with bipolar depression or a person with no mental health history whatsoever, relationships can be tough. Related Articles. Loving Someone with Depression Comes with Challenges. Depression in Marriage? It Sucks! Causes, What to Do. My Girlfriend, Boyfriend has Depression: Is It Me or Their Problem? Back To Top.

Jan 19, But if you're dating someone with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), the cold weather can also test your relationship. Of course your partner. Jan 25, But when you're someone like me, a full-time freelance writer who can work from home and a person with seasonal affective disorder and.

Does "winter blues" seem like way too cutesy of a name for what you go through this time of year? Do you find that instead of experiencing a minor sense of gloom when the seasons change, your everyday life is suddenly interrupted by exhaustion, crying spells, crankiness, and an inability to concentrate? You may be experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, a type of depression influenced by the changing of seasons. According to NYC-based clinical psychologist Dr.

Seasonal depression, also known as seasonal affective disorder SAD or the "winter blues," is a subtype of depression or bipolar disorder that occurs and ends around the same time every year.

Depression is the leading cause of disability in the U. Odds are that at some point you have already or will eventually date someone with major depressive disorder. Dating someone with depression can put added strain on your relationship.

Feeling SAD (seasonal affective disorder)

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Feeling SAD (seasonal affective disorder)

Dating means allowing yourself to be vulnerable, to risk disappointment and rejection. To tell or not to tell. We answer this question and offer expert advice on the art of courting with chronic depression. Only 18, Isa Zhou has lived with depression for six years. She was 12 when the symptoms first surfaced in Her motivation for school and life tanked. Two years later, she was diagnosed with major depression and a year later, in , with dysthymia mild, chronic depression. Over the years, as medication and therapy stabilized her, her self-confidence increased.

Four ways of advice for colorado and bipolar disorder. More often exposed to mental health, you really hard dating with when you dating someone.

When the weather gets colder, the nights seem longer and your motivation to get out and about can seem to constantly evade you. Feeling less than enthused about the colder nights is common, but feeling very, very bleak during Winter might be something more.

14 Things You Should Know Before Dating Someone With Depression

Seasonal Affective Disorder which is fittingly referred to as SAD is known as a subcategory of depression or bipolar disorder. It typically occurs when the seasons change and is punctuated by depression, low energy, sleep issues, a loss of interest, and an overall feeling of hopelessness. However, there is still the rampant belief that SAD does not exist , silencing those who deal with increased mental distress during a poignant portion of the year. Seasonal Affective Disorder, in my opinion, is real. After all, SAD is not something tangible. When the air around me grows cold and the atmosphere is tinged with darkness by 5pm, all I want to do is curl up in bed with a heating pad and something to distract my rabbit-hole-spiraling mind. That would explain why, if you invite me out to do something, I will likely feel too seasonally affected to accept. My eyes no longer gleam. It takes effort for me to turn that heavy frown upside down. And for that, friends, I am truly sorry. But, please remember…. This is not a phase, a low point, or anything of the sort.

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And while winter comes with a lot of perks—soup and sweater season being top of the list—the shorter days and chillier weather can come with a major downside: Most people with SAD are affected by the onset of winter although there are some people who get it during the summer. The resulting imbalance can trigger depression in some people—most often in women, people who live far from the equator, or people with a family history of depression. Stone says seasonal affective disorder symptoms are very similar to those of depression. Other symptoms of the winter pattern of seasonal affective disorder include appetite or weight changes and difficulty sleeping, according to the Mayo Clinic. Sure, there might be some overlap with symptoms bad mood, tiredness, or even feeling hopeless when you see the weather forecast. So basically, if your winter-related mood and exhaustion are making it impossible to get things done at work, you might have seasonal affective disorder.

6 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Seasonal Affective Disorder

Winter in a snowy city can be beautiful. But when you're someone like me, a full-time freelance writer who can work from home and a person with seasonal affective disorder and depression, it's hard to work up the energy during the cold months to leave the house or feel like your best self. In some ways, dating with seasonal affective disorder and depression has actually benefited my love life I'll get to that soon, I promise. But not every moment is easy. At the start of this winter, I was living at my boyfriend's place. He was an artist type like me, and we stayed inside. Rolling around in bed with other half all the time sounds romantic in theory, but in practice, it's not good for you.

Dating someone with SAD

In fact, approximately 14 percent of Americans experience some degree of seasonal affective disorder SAD. While it may not be as intense in warmer climates, it can still cause some winter blues that make it difficult to take joy in the things that usually make one happy—and even all the wonderful things that can come with the fall and winter, like colorful leaves, snowfall and holiday parties. SAD is different from depression because it only affects individuals for selected months out of the year. The rest of the year, they can lead perfectly normal, happy lives and have satisfying relationships. But when SAD hits, it can hit some people so hard that it hurts their relationships. Here is how seasonal affective disorder affects your relationship.

What Dating With Seasonal Affective Disorder & Depression Is Really Like

There are just a few things you should probably know. Mind has some great information. If we do something wrong, criticise our actions, not us as a person. Language is powerful in itself, but a depressed person will read into what you say, take it deeply personally, and analyse it for hours until it confirms every bad thing we think about ourselves. Be careful.

For some, the winter months bring to mind cuffing season and cuddling inside. But if you're dating someone with seasonal affective disorder SAD , the cold weather can also test your relationship. Of course your partner can't control how they feel, but there are steps you can take to support them during this time. I talked to licensed New York psychologist Dr. Gregory Kushnick about the effects that SAD can have on a romantic relationship, how you can be the best possible partner to someone who experiences this mood disorder, and what you should do if you suspect your significant other might have SAD. Communicate openly with your partner to ascertain what they need from you.

Is Depression Destroying Your Relationship? Ten Commonly Overlooked Symptoms of Depression
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