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Although the th anniversary of the first official game at Fenway Park has been receiving headlines recently, few Red Sox fans are aware that the first game of any kind at the baseball shrine was 11 days earlier in , against Harvard College. Harvard coach Joe Walsh, a Dorchester native, said his team was honored to participate. He said that all of his players, whether they come from the Boston area or not, understand the rich history of Fenway. His remarks were punctuated by the ping of the aluminum bats used by the college players, something those long-ago Sox would have undoubtedly viewed as a strange invention. The day also took on a vintage feel when a former Red Sox player and Harvard alumnus, Mike Stenhouse, and Harvard player Marcus Way donned old-time uniforms.

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PST started its nationals adventure practicing with the Georgetown sailing team while staying at the Floyd residence which always proves to be an excited time. From New Jersey we went back to our homes for a few days to collect ourselves before taking the long flight out to San Diego. We then had a few rest days to acclimate to the time change and enjoy the beautiful weather. The team took advantage of our lay days to go hiking, see the beach, and eat some delicious In-n-Out.

Tuesday, May 31st was the first day of our semi finals and after two days of competitive racing we edged out Dartmouth to qualify for the national championship for the first time in seven years. The next two days proved to be very difficult battling against the best teams in the country. We saw steady breeze the entire regatta ranging from knots.

Catie and I finished eighth in our division and the team finished a respectable 16th in the nation. This was a big accomplishment for Penn sailing and were excited for our next season. Big thanks to the Collins who hosted our entire team for almost two weeks and our Coach Billy who put up with our van ride antics. I think qualifying for semifinals for the first time in five years is a significant accomplish for us. I was competing against the best teams in the country with the highest caliber sailors, but as a team, we demonstrated that we could hold our own against even the best varsity teams.

Thinking back to my time in San Diego brings to mind a specific moment that proves just that. It was the ninth race of the Eastern Semifinal. I was skippering for B Division with Sarah Punzel as my crew. The wind had picked up significantly, but it was perfect conditions for Sarah and me. We got off the line with a clear lane and clean air. After a hard fought battle around the course complete with full out hiking and getting completely drenched by the splashes of the salty Pacific, we finished the race in fourth place out of eighteen boats ahead of top teams, such as the University of Rhode Island who went on to eventually win the Eastern Semifinal and compete in the National Championship.

As soon as we crossed the finish line, Sarah and I looked at each other, smiled, and high-fived. Spring was a season of firsts for the Penn Sailing Team, starting all the way back in January. This was a major step forward for the program because it gives the team visibility to high school sailors in the very competitive Pacific Coast League.

Next, the team participated in the Charleston Intersectional in late February, marking the first time the team has taken a plane to a regular-season event. Throughout the spring, the Quakers competed in three team races, which is the most they have done in a single season since at least They also finished the season as a top team racing team in the conference for the second straight year. This is the best ranking for the Quakers in at least the last 5 years, though they hope to move up even more next year.

However, their performance cements their position among the top 25 teams nationwide. Despite missing their goal, the sailors had a great time and learned a lot. The underclassmen in particular will hope to build on their championship experience next year while the seniors will always have fond memories of a great final season. Only time will tell. Jack was able to build on the foundations of the previous captains of Penn Sailing to form a strong and efficient team capable of competing with the best teams in college sailing, even on a meager budget.

Going forward, Penn Sailing is very excited about the future. The Quakers will sail in a record number of regattas next year as a team, while maintaining a commitment to not overworking anyone at the individual level and prioritizing academics. This is only possible through both a strong commitment from the students, but also a similarly strong showing of support from our alumni. The team would like to thank those who contributed to our success over the last year, and hope to meet and learn more about our great alumni base in the future.

See you on the water next fall! For the second time this spring, the Penn Sailing Team piled itself into a vehicle to travel 5 hours south to Norfolk Virginia. This year, the top 9 teams would make it and get the opportunity to travel to Newport, RI for Coed Semifinals. The breeze on Saturday was light-to-medium but reasonably steady at least at first. Catie and I sailed to a 12, 9 while Drew did even better with a 6, 4; so after one set 2 races in each division we were in good shape in 7 th place.

However, we knew we had to stay consistent because the series might not be more than races total given the forecast for light air all weekend. While that is a strong point for our team, not having enough races can doom any squad, but we were ready. Catie and I went out and had our strongest set of the regatta with a 1, 2 before handing things back to Drew. Unfortunately a combination of being early at the start and untimely fouls caused Drew to suffer an 18, 11, but even with those finishes we were still in good shape.

After all, at a conference championship everyone is bound to make mistakes. Catie and I took to the water again in a dying breeze to attempt more races, and despite making countless mistakes of our own managed to come up with a reasonably consistent 13, 8. Although the race committee sent B Division out for their next set, the wind simply would not cooperate, and forced us to end the day there.

After 6 A races and 4 B races, we were uncomfortably in 9 th place, a mere 4 points in front of 10 th. Sunday came with conditions just like the forecast had called for — a dying breeze that made Saturday look like ideal conditions. Luckily they were able to quickly get off races 5B and 6B, in which Drew and Pati managed a consistent 6, 9 scoreline putting us in 8 th with a 7 point cushion over Hobart, the 9 th place team. Catie and I went out again in truly marginal conditions and had another great set — with our 9, 2 we were tied for 4 th in A Division.

However, these races and scores are to be lost to history, since the breeze shut off and did not fully return. While the RC attempted race 7B multiple times, there was never enough wind to finish it. Thus, the two A Division scores we got were thrown out, but on the bright side we had qualified for Nationals again! Congratulations Catie! Also at the awards, I was honored with the Robert H. Purrington Award for Student Leadership and Service. The award is given to the senior in MAISA who embodies both leadership and service both on their team and in the conference.

Now the team will dive into exams before beginning preparations for Nationals in June! The team hopes to improve on its performance last year at St. See you all in Newport! Full scores from America Trophy can be found at: The morning wind allowed us to each finish 4 solid races before heading in for lunch. Billy and the sailors not currently racing intently observed the racing from a motor boat.

We also came up with a way to wager on the racing, in the form of pushups. Each race, each of us would choose a boat to bet on, and then have to do the number of pushups of the place the boat finished in. Later in the afternoon, the wind direction was extremely shifty, and dead at times, making it very difficult to finish races. Many races were abandoned in each fleet throughout the afternoon. On Saturday night the entire team was treated to a homemade taco dinner courtesy of Mrs.

With hundreds of pushups under many of our belts, we headed to bed early to rest up for Sunday. Sunday morning brought steady wind early on, and each fleet was able to get off a few solid races. By the time we took a break for lunch though, the wind became too light to race. After a few hours spent waiting to see if it would fill in, playing a little bit of football, and a lot of lounging, we were informed racing was over.

Even with the many delays and lack of wind, this was a great weekend for the team. We finished fifth out of a strong fleet of 20! Results can be found here: After some ice cream me and video games the boys , we headed to bed, excited for Naval Bagels in the morning. Saturday was a spectacular spring day in Annapolis, with light breeze and temperatures reaching Jack and I came out of the gate strong, winning the first race with a little luck involved.

We managed to get through a few races in the light breeze before a lunch break, and after a brief onshore postponement, we went back out and got in a few more races before the breeze died again. After another postponement, we headed all the way out to the mouth of the river and managed to squeeze out a few more races.

Sunday was significantly windier and colder than the day before, and the Race Committee wasted no time in getting our day started. The morning breeze was only knots, but it picked up quite a bit throughout the day, leaving us to work hard to keep the boat flat. Foster and Max worked to get the hang of the Z in breeze, with much more of a side advantage than Saturday, while Jack and I worked hard to keep the FJ under control as the breeze built up to knots by the end of the day.

By the afternoon, we were all pretty tired as we got to the end of the 15 races. After squeaking out one more race right before the 3PM cutoff time, we headed back to shore and back to Penn, pleased with the way that we had sailed. The highlight of the regatta was Jack and I finishing 5th in A division at a major intersectional, our best individual finish this year!

As all 18 boats headed out for the first race, conditions were challenging with steady wind around 20 mph gusts up to When 6 boats capsized in the first race of Division A, the race committee called a postponement to wait for the wind to die off. After a long day on the water, both A and B divisions finished 9 races, which constituted a full rotation for the 9-team regatta.

Since all the races were completed on Saturday, teams agreed to a one-day regatta and headed for home. Penn finished fourth overall. Given the heavy winds, we were at a significant weight disadvantage compared to some of our competitors, but we sailed some great races and enjoyed the spring sunshine. As the qualifier to the Prosser Trophy, the qualifier for Team Race Nationals, the stakes this weekend were higher, but we were ready to take the challenge. Saturday was uneventful as knot winds with gusts up to 40kts necessitated an immediate AP, which was eventually followed by the abandonment of racing for the day.

The start time for Sunday was moved up, and racing started at The first round robin was completed with an hour to spare before the deadline, the results of which saw Penn in second place. Despite the time constraint, the Race Committee attempted to sail an additional round robin for the final four, but was unable to complete even four races before the deadline. After a day of great racing, we were very pleased with our performance over the last few weeks. This race counted for a sail-off and resulted in Penn falling to third place, and not qualifying for the Prosser berths.

This dude's shirt is awesome. His hearing is not. Use new embed code. Tags: harvard sailing team sexy sketch awesome hookup shirt rip skit. Harvard Sailing Team is an NYC sketch comedy troupe. Meyer and Klein Financial - Harvard Sailing Team Awesome Hook Up - Harvard Sailing Team.

We apologize for the late notice, but we hope you can make it. No starting signal after Cookout and refreshments to follow. Check out all of the cool swag available with the Harvard Sailing Burgee!

Comedy has gotten much more democratic over the years:

Senior Perspective: Full Story. Mikaela Thompson In high school I was involved in student government and loved being in a position where I got to meet and get to know people in addition to being able

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Neither would I have ever anticipated this Hall of Fame induction, but I am honored and humbled to be included alongside such talented and distinguished athletes, and I am profoundly grateful for the influence that Harvard sailing has had, and continues to have in my life. My college sailing career began that fall at the John Harvard statue, where the team captains met the freshmen recruits and walk-ons like me before we headed to our first practice.

America’s #1 Sailing School® is Celebrating 55 Years!

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Conference Championships for Coed Fleet Racing across the nation spiked blood pressures and showcased the best in the country as the top teams advance to the Semi-Finals and some top teams are sent home for the season. On top of that, a competitive interconference regatta served as a tuneup with many Coed Conference Championships set for next weekend. The College Sailing season effectively flips script, switching from a predominantly team race centered season, lasting about 7 weeks, to a short sprint to conference fleet race championships as the national championship picture becomes clear. However, last weekend offered something unique and perhaps pointed to what college sailing will look like in the future. Toggle navigation. MCSA News. The Final Countdown!

The country's second-oldest law school accepts just 11 percent of its applicants , but an incredible 92 percent of its grads are employed soon after they graduate. Countless Supreme Court justices, federal judges, politicians, and business leaders have degrees from Harvard Law. It takes more than just high grades and impressive extracurricular activities to get into this elite school. To stand out among such a distinguished group, students need groundbreaking achievements and unique stories. When Angela Antony was a senior at Harvard College, she co-founded Beanstockd Media , an environmental media and software company that encouraged green living through an interactive game.

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Post a Comment. July 24, Sketch Comedy Troupe: Despite stormy weather and tumultuous waves, the Harvard sailing team prevailed for the third consecutive year, defeating Princeton and winning the Ivy League championship regatta. Just kidding! We were first introduced to HST when nymag. So if a comedy troupe that bonded through a collective affinity for argyle intrigues you how could it not?

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