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Dating can sometimes be a cruel and embarrassing game. You could be having a great time with someone, only for the situation to turn awkward and uncomfortable when a little bit of information is released, especially when that information is your use of medicinal or recreational marijuana. If you're looking to meet people with the same pot-smoking interests as you, try out High There! It's like Tinder , but for all the lonely stoners out there. And just like with Tinder, users can create a profile filled with photos and a short summary and then swipe through potential mates, the main difference being everyone's love of cannabis. Note that High There!

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It's only natural that when you're looking for a future romantic partner, you'd want someone with similar interests to yours — whether that's kinks , beards , or anything else your heart desires. So when it comes to marijuana-enthusiasts, it stands to reason they'd want to find someone they can light up with, which is why dating auction site WhatsYourPrice came up with a list of cities with the most friendly singles.

In case you don't have plans for next Monday yet, maybe consider taking a road trip. Bring your bowl, and Tinder, and you're practically destined to find love in no time. To find out where stoners would be likely to find love, WhatsYourPrice conducted a survey of its users and asked them if they would be willing to date someone who smoked. Of the 90, survey respondents, about 57 percent said they'd be OK with it.

Considering that 63 percent of Republican millennials and 77 percent of Democratic millennials support legalization of marijuana , it isn't too surprising that most of the people on this dating site didn't mind if their partner smoked pot. I'm actually kind of surprised only 57 percent of respondents said they'd date someone who smoked weed, but I guess feeling that marijuana should be legal does not necessarily mean that you smoke, or want to date someone who does.

To find out which cities were the most weed-friendly, WhatsYourPrice took the responses and analyzed them by city, then they ranked the top 10 cities with the highest percentage of participants who said smoking would not be a deal-breaker. So without further ado, let's take a look at the top ten friendliest cities across the country.

Nope, not surprised. Not one bit. Portland is also the kinkiest city in America , and I have no idea what these two fact have to do with one another, but clearly they're doing something right over there. With 90 percent of singles being accepting of a partner who smokes, I guess that's another reason to heart NY. I'm actually pretty surprised Denver isn't higher up on this list, what with marijuana being legal there and all.

San Francisco also came in at 2 on the kinkiest cities list , so I think it's official that somebody needs to do a study on the link between smoking marijuana and having kinky sex. Aside from the weather and the beautiful people and celebrities, now we have another reason to move to California: Boston rounded out the top 10 with a weed approval rating of 62 percent. Kind of disappointed the ATL didn't make the cut — we have a festival called fest hosted by a local brewery that makes a beer called — but I guess you can't win 'em all.

By Sara Levine.

If you smoke weed and your single, then you should check out mondiauxpiste-france2015.com, a friendly dating site built by stoners for stoners. Meet new friendly friends on the Singles cannabis dating app. Connect with singles in the cannabis community, find your stoner soulmate! friends.

They grew up thinking pot is bad. She says more than people have already personally contacted her to sign up. The site will be hosted by a larger marijuana lifestyle website, WeedTV — a place to go for everything from political news about cannabis to a national directory of dispensaries. According to a United Nations World Drug Report , between million and million adults around the globe used marijuana, including nearly million from the United States. According to government surveys, more than 14 million Americans smoke marijuana on a regular basis.

High There isn't the only option for stoners seeking love online, but it is the best.

Cannabis , also known as marijuana among other names, [a] is a psychoactive drug from the Cannabis plant used for medical or recreational purposes. Cannabis has mental and physical effects , such as creating a "high" or "stoned" feeling, a general change in perception , heightened mood , and an increase in appetite.

This Manhattan Matchmaker Is Starting a Dating Site for Weed Smokers

When it comes to weed, the U. So you'll be happy to know that these days, most women don't care if you partake of a little reggae arugula here and there. But there are, as they say, times and places. Should you smoke some party kale before a date? Well, it all depends.

I Wasn’t Stoner Enough To Find Love On A Weed Dating App

We love a data-backed online dating tip — especially one tied to the holiday of choice for stoners everywhere. Unfortunately, this one isn't too promising for smokers who make their weed interest public. According to data from dating app Hinge , revealing an interest in marijuana on a dating profile can actually work in your favor — but only if you're under How to whip your dating profile into shape. Per the team's number crunchers, users under 25 who say they smoke weed see, on average, a 10 percent increase in likes. But for those 25 and older, admitting you smoke weed on your profile results in a 25 percent decrease in likes. That number jumps to a 35 percent decrease for users over So, if you've considered mentioning your love of weed just to sound cool, maybe skip it. But if it's a big part of your life, honesty is still probably the best policy. As dating expert Julie Spira told us back in February , "Truth in advertising, whatever you relationship goals are, is imperative" for finding a partner who wants what you're offering.

Dating can sometimes be a cruel and embarrassing game. You could be having a great time with someone, only for the situation to turn awkward and uncomfortable when a little bit of information is released, especially when that information is your use of medicinal or recreational marijuana.

Do you love the green and want to find someone who has a similar personality type to you? Are you are creative cannabis connoisseur? Do you find yourself more occupied with artistic outputs and less occupied with dating? Everyone wants to find the time in life to date, but not all know where to start, or if they could even find someone with compatibility.

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It's widely known that marijuana is incredible. One of Mary-Jane's best qualities is that she has the potential to bring people together who may otherwise have no reason to be cool with each other. The flip side is that she also has the potential to divide those who would otherwise jive together perfectly-- except for their opposing views on the Tijuana Gold, that is. Add dating to the mix? But if you're a smoker seeing a smoker? Oh Lord-- get ready for smoking in bed, not worrying about smelling like an ashtray, and countless other perks. And that's exactly where Sandra Harmon comes in. Harmon's goal with M-Date, due to launch by the end of the summer, is to eliminate the anxiety of being judged by potential matches due to smoking the reefer. Nom Nom: Peter DeStefano. Subscribe to spoiled NYC's official newsletter, The Stoop , for the best news, eats, drinks, places to go, and things to do. As most cigarette smokers can attest-- if you're seeing someone who is a non-smoker, get ready to hear a lot of garbage about it, eventually break it off, and then chain smoke in mourning.

High There: dating app hailed as the 'Tinder of weed'

Some dating code. A word: Sane would ever to tools and sex life more than you need. Sane would seem that all depends on interesting, whether they smoke and the real reason not. Prague in order to science.

Should You Smoke Weed Before A Date?

On one hand, you get to starfish in bed every night and partake in every weird semi-disgusting habit that your heart desires. On the other hand, you cook dinner for one and sometimes think about waking up with someone snuggly on the other side of the bed. For those of us that love to partake in cannabis, whether it is recreationally or medically, tend to enjoy having a buddy that gives us reason to pack that bowl for two. We asked one of our most eligible cannabis bachelor friends Willie Williams, Assistant Dispensary Manager at High Mountain Health in Flagstaff, what he thinks about the dating scene as a card-carrying medical cannabis user. The owners and operators of these ventures have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience with new and veteran couples exploring their relationships with cannabis at the helm.

Don’t be the lonely stoner, find your Mary Jane on My420Mate

Developers aren't any different. If you've ever had to quickly exit a promising relationship with a non-stoner, you'll get why this is necessary. So cut out all that bullshit and just find someone who likes caning it too. Todd Mitchem is the man who created High There! Speaking to FastCoExist , Mitchem said: I actually walked out of a date after paying of course and said to myself, that's it. Weeding out the Ms.

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Account Options Sign in. Top Charts. New Releases. Add to Wishlist. Meet friendly singles in your area with the Singles cannabis dating app. Whether you're looking for a new friend with benefits or your stoner soulmate, Singles offers a cannabis friendly dating experience like none other.

The only wedding website you must be 21 or over to enter!

I was especially excited for this one. Yes, I love weed and I knew the moment I came across it that I was going to love this friendly fuck site. It ended up being everything I hoped it would be and much more. Read my Bang Me review from top to bottom in order to find out whether or not this site is for you. Now, this is my kind of singles website. I ended up doing much more than talking and now this is one of my favorite hookup sites out of the many I have used.

Best Dating Sites For Stoners And Cannabis Fans?
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