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She loves dancing as much as her best friend, Rocky, and they dance together. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her brother and mother. Initially, she performs poorly in school partially because of dyslexia though this isn't revealed until later , but also in part because of her "trouble-making" behavior and her lack of motivation. She gradually improves academically as the series progresses. Being fearless, Cece is constantly getting into trouble. Despite her initially failing audition due to stage fright , she eventually earns a spot as a background dancer on the local dance show "Shake It Up Chicago".

Shake It Up

His father is a doctor that returned in the second season after being away on business trips and working overseas. Although he is a very good dancer, he does not want to audition for Shake It Up, Chicago! Instead, he aspires to be a rapper. Later , he changes his mind and reveals to his sister Rocky that he does want to be a dancer on Shake It Up, Chicago! He is eventually made the show's new host and is now working alongside Gary Wilde and formerly Phil.

Ty is portrayed by Roshon Fegan. Ty is Rocky 's hip, smooth, and sarcastic older brother who is popular at school, loves to dance, and knows how to charm the girls. He is seen as a very cheerful, sociable guy and always seems to have a date. Being raised with his sister, he is also logical and smart, especially when it comes to him and his money. He has been known to be saving up for a car and he gets a job at Crusty's.

His personality shone through most in " Split It Up " when he rapped about things like cheap haircuts and had to consult Deuce and Flynn to up his bad boy image. By the end of the episode, he had helped an elderly woman retrieve her purse from a robber and delivered a baby panda at the zoo, calling the process "beautiful". It is revealed in " Weird It Up " that his relationships don't last, because he blows girls off when the relationship gets too clingy.

He still uses his dance moves to charm girls, though. In Season 2- Ty decides to become a rapper and dances a lot less. Though he is still the same hip sarcastic ladies' man he was in season 1, he doesn't dance for girls anymore. In Season 3- Ty realizes that he does want to be a dancer on Shake It Up Chicago and reveals that, when he dances, he feels proud of himself. He becomes the new host instead, but he still gets to show off his moves on the show. Ty learns to be proud of his dancing skills again and wants to be hired as a dancer on the show.

Initially the executive producer and the host are unsure which whether to pick Rocky or Ty. When Shake It Up , Chicago! Ty currently works on Shake It Up , Chicago! In their first episode together, Ty at first didn't like Logan, thinking that Flynn thought that Logan was cooler than him. By the end of the episode, they made up and became friends , also complimenting each other for their good work and everything but after seeing Logan kiss his little sister, Ty didn't like Logan because he is protective of Rocky.

Ty hates it when Logan does the "call me" signal to Rocky. Ty is portrayed as Vice President at Flynn's video game company, although it appears that Flynn just uses his position to boss him around. Ty realizes that he needs to take authority in his life and stands up to Flynn by the end of the episode. He also realizes that he might have missed out at his chance at love with Tinka and asks her to marry him.

The image gallery for Ty Blue may be viewed here. Userboxes for Ty Blue may be viewed here. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. I was proud of myself! Chicago, Illinois. Student Waiter one episode TV host. John Hughes High School. Crusty's one episode Shake It Up, Chicago! Ty It Up -present. Rocky Blue sister. Gunther Hessenheffer Logan Hunter. Tinka Hessenheffer.

Start It Up. Remember Me. Roshon Fegan. Contents [ show ]. Retrieved from " https: After I danced, I felt something I haven't felt in a long time Ty Blue. Biographical Information. Professional Information. Gallery of Ty Blue images.

They danced together and Tinka kisses Ty on the cheek at the end of their date. In Ty It Up, Ty decided to help out Tinka during the Shake It Up Chicago. Tyler "Ty" Blue is a main character in the TV series, Shake It Up. He is the son of While Deuce is currently dating Dina, Ty goes out with different girls and.

Ty is a total opposite of Tinka and vice versa. She has mentioned that he's "denim" while she's "sequins. They danced together and Tinka kisses Ty on the cheek at the end of their date. Also, Ty and Tinka have a lot of chemistry.

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He has a screaming goat named Screamie. He has been an exchange student along with Tinka since the first grade and was born in a small mountain country in Europe that has never been addressed by name, but referred to many times. Gunther was born in a small unnamed mountain country in Eastern Europe with his fraternal twin sister, Tinka.

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His father is a doctor that returned in the second season after being away on business trips and working overseas. Although he is a very good dancer, he does not want to audition for Shake It Up, Chicago! Instead, he aspires to be a rapper.

Gunther Hessenheffer

Shake It Up! The series revolves around Platonic Life-Partners Cecilia "CeCe" Jones Bella Thorne and Raquel "Rocky" Blue Zendaya , two young teen best friends from inner-city Chicago who find themselves one step closer to their dream of becoming professional dancers when they're hired as backup dancers on Shake It Up Chicago , an American Bandstand -style variety show. Confirmed with the Crossover episode with Good Luck Charlie. Starting with the second season, Disney launched a related spin-off competition called Shake It Up: Make Your Mark. This is a competition program where various people or groups participate in competitive dancing, with the winners becoming guest dancers on a future episode of Shake It Up. The first competition accepted submissions throughout the summer of with the competition itself televised the weekend of October 18, The winners appeared at the beginning of the second season episode "Camp It Up". The second competition likewise accepted submissions over the summer of , and aired on the weekend of October 19, Selena Gomez was also a judge for the first show and returned in a cameo appearance for the second with Bridgit Mendler ; Cher Lloyd was a member of the judge's panel for the second competition. Brandon Johnson was also a host for the first show basically reprising his role as Gary Wilde as if actually hosting Shake It Up Chicago but only Debby, Roshon, Bella and Zendaya returned as hosts for the second competition.

'Shake It Up' Canceled: Disney Channel Will End Zendaya And Bella Thorne's Show After Season 3

But the girls and their friends know that navigating through life isn't always as easy as learning new dance moves. Redeem a gift card or promotion code. Pay-Per-View videos will become available to watch once the event starts, will be available for replay for 24 hours following the event, and are not available for download. If you choose Watch Now, the video will instantly stream to your computer and you may later stream it on another compatible device. If downloading is available, you can download the video to two locations. This enables you to watch the video without an Internet connection. Some new release movies become unavailable for downloading for a limited time due to licensing restrictions.

Ty seems to be getting closer to CeCe as they appear in more scenes together. Even though this couple is seperated by age difference and personality, many fanfiction writers support these two. Their love can also be forbidden because CeCe is Rocky's best friend and Ty is Rocky's older brother. Rocky could be disturbed that her best friend is dating her brother and would feel uncomfotable. There are some things they have in common like, they both are obsessed with themselves, they both love to dance, CeCe is obsessed with boys and Ty is obsessed with girls, and they both think they are so cool. It's difficult for these two to have moments because there were hardly any scenes in Season 1 with both of them in them, but they seem to be appearing in more scenes together. The image gallery for Cy may be viewed here.

Bella and Kenton had never taken a dance class before starring in Shake It Up! I just started dancing. I was never a dancer before Shake It Up. I was what you would call a two-left-feet kind of guy. I would literally trip over myself walking in a straight line. So I had to work really hard during the show, so I hope everyone can see an improvement. Now I hope to be dancing at a professional level.

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Unfortunately, CeCe did not get it because she froze in the middle of her audition she usually pictures everyone else naked that is why she is never nervous. Rocky did well and got in. Rocky did not want to go to the show because CeCe was not on it. CeCe forces Rocky to go to the show. On Rocky's first show, she brought CeCe and handcuffed each other, and they ended up dancing together. The host thought that they have the "it" factor so, CeCe got in as well.

Shake It Up - "Cece, you totally dig me."
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